iZOBi will help to bridge the gap between cryptocurrency and real-world usage through a marketplace for home and other services.

KAUNAS, LT, LITHUANIA, April 29, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — iZOBi is a new app that will allow customers to find and book a service provider for a variety of home services in less than one minute. The app will connect customers with freelance providers for services including electrical repair and installation, plumbing, carpentry, painting, gardening, cleaning, nannying, caretaking, and dog walking. Since many have lost jobs due to Covid-19, iZOBi also provides a unique opportunity for service providers to access an instant customer base and work independently. iZOBi tokens, accessible in the blockchain-powered ecosystem, will be the primary currency for all transactions on the platform.

iZOBi is a new platform built for a world where people are increasingly using cryptocurrency to pay for everyday purchases. The founders of iZOBi see this as one of the dramatic changes in the on-demand industry since the credit card and have built their platform around a vision of revolutionizing the on-demand service industry by melding cryptocurrency with everyday consumption. The ecosystem will be based on the iZOBi token, which will serve as a login method for the platform, a means of payment for services, and cover freelancers’ transactional risk until the trade is complete.

iZOBi also serves as a solution to promote transparency, efficiency, contract security, and high-quality standards. It can often take hours to find a professional for home service, and many of the available services are expensive due to lack of competition. iZOBi offers the ability to book a professional in just one click, with a model similar to other app marketplaces like Uber that allow customers to book services in their area, and ensure quality through ratings.

iZOBi uses blockchain technology to imagine a more transparent and efficient way of working. This technology allows contracts to be embedded in digital code and stored in transparent and secure databases. Every process, contract, and payment would have a digital record and identifiable signature, eliminating friction in the world of freelance work and on-demand services. By allowing individuals, organizations, machines, and algorithms to work together, iZOBi is harnessing blockchain technology to change the world of on-demand services.

The iZOBi handyman app will offer unique features including a fee as low as 25% on every order, fixed hourly rates with two price options for customers, customer reviews. The app will work in two phases, a Customers’ App, and a Service Providers’ App. Customers will be able to enter their location and find a professional nearby, and select services from available ones listed on the provider’s profile.

“The iZOBi Handyman App will be a bridge to the crypto community,” said iZOBi founder Deividas Babinskas. “The blockchain-powered ecosystem will allow people to use cryptocurrency in their everyday transactions and experience the benefits of this type of currency and marketplace in the digital age.”

The iZOBi token is currently in the pre-ICO phase and iZOBi‚Äôs ICO will begin on April 30th. iZOBi tokens are available at a lower price in this initial phase and will be available to sell at a higher price or use for services in the next stages of the app’s development. The global online home services market has been growing, and iZOBi aims to capture this expanding market through its unique and innovative platform and currency. The app will function first in Lithuania, but there are plans to expand it into a variety of other countries including the UK, Germany, France, Spain, Sweden, Canada, Russia, Turkey, Poland, Norway, Finland, Ukraine, Austria, Denmark, Ireland, the United Arab Emirates, Slovakia, and Italy.

More information about iZOBi including descriptions of the app, the business plan, and a place to buy tokens are available at https://www.izobi.io/.

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