Is New iPhone 12 Worth It?

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The new iPhone 12 is most likely to miss the September 2020 launch window.

Coefficity News looks into the possible causes & the scenarios.

The iPhone 12 delay, confirmed during Apple’s latest earnings call, came at the same time the company reported positive news for Q3 2020. Despite the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic, iPhone sales were up 2% year-over-year, largely attributed to the iPhone SE 2020. Just like with this period, however, Apple cautioned that the atypical conditions meant Apple once again won’t put an earnings target on Q4 2020.

The uncertainty also likely contributed to Apple’s admission that the iPhone 12 will likely be delayed. During the earnings call, the company confirmed that iPad and Mac sales had double-digit growth despite supply restrictions caused by the impact of the coronavirus.

iPhone 12 delayed, but worth the wait?

The new iPhone 12 may be worth the wait. Apple is supposed to introduce the first 5G iPhone, offering faster download speeds in parts of the world that have access to 5G infrastructure. Almost all of Apple’s Android-based rivals have 5G phones on sale – see the Samsung Galaxy S20OnePlus 8 Pro and forthcoming Galaxy Note 20.