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Irwin Tauber

MIAMI, FL, UNITED STATES, April 12, 2021 / — Irwin Tauber has spent a good number of years as a commercial real estate mover and doer, so for new beginners in the field, his advice can be invaluable. Lots of folks look at commercial real estate as a potential career path, especially after they see a video or TV show of a successful agent working in places like Florida, for example. That said, it is a very different career path than just working in residential real estate, Irwin Tauber points out, that being the model most people are familiar with from looking at or buying homes.

The commercial side of the real estate market is definitely challenging. If it wasn’t, there would be just as many agents in it as the residential side. However, that doesn’t mean the field is impossible. Irwin Tauber notes many who have entered have found great success in commercial real estate as well. The trick is understanding how to approach the field differently than the norms and rules of practice one typically learns in the residential side. Here are some of the big tips to consider.

Regularly Learn New Skills

Many commercial real estate agents find their success because they have a varied toolbox in terms of skills they bring to the industry. One of the big crossovers, for example, has been far more reliant on tech and digital tools in 2020, for example. Irwin Tauber notes that what traditionally was a very in-person career has had to rapidly change and stay viable in a year where being in person was not practical or safe. Bringing more to the table makes you far more valuable right from the start. Learn a language, learn how to set up cloud sites and web pages, learn photography and imaging, learn GIS and how maps and data can be married, or learn psychology in business. Whatever your other skill is, the more you know and can show, the more you provide to the industry and a new career opportunity versus others who just know real estate basics.

Make Your Time Produce

You should be in the habit that every hour of the week is doing something to further your career, training, and connections. If you have downtime that isn’t benefiting your development, it’s time wasted, according to Irwin Tauber. Don’t confuse this with being a workaholic and burning out. Instead, make sure everything you do, even meditation, is towards making you a better real estate agent.


From what Irwin Tauber continues to see, there are lots of students who want to be in the commercial field. Yet Irwin Tauber reminds folks, there are few who specialize in specific niches and do it well. Find a part of commercial real estate that is unique, challenging, and takes time to learn, and then make it your own. You will skyrocket your value by doing so.

Network, and Network More

Per Irwin Tauber and his years of experience, your connections and network are your lifeblood in commercial real estate. And every person you meet can be your next network asset. So, get out there and meet people, introduce yourself, and work your connections proactively and with a two-way street. Be valuable to others to get value. And connect with everyone, even seemingly bureaucratic clerical staff can save your bacon when paperwork matters.

Don’t Be Locked in One Place

Be willing to move around between firms, Irwin Tauber suggests as an advantage. The myth of loyalty will eventually pay a reward is just that, a myth. Folks who rise fast show themselves valuable to the whole industry, not just one company.

Think About Establishing Your Own Brokerage

Finally, don’t be stuck in a rut of just working for someone else. Irwin Tauber encourages anyone in the field to get out of their comfort zone and think about what it takes to start their own brokerage. You may be surprised, Irwin Tauber points out with his own example, how doable and promising it can be.

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