Introducing The Halo Clear Acne Treatment System: Proven Results in as little as 2 Weeks


A new treatment for people with moderate to severe acne, Halo Clear clears acne rapidly without drying the skin.

BEVERLY HILLS, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, May 3, 2021 / — Halo Clear is pleased to announce the launch of its new Acne Treatment System, a scientifically proven method with subdermal technology that encourages the rapid clearing of acne without causing the dryness, redness or irritation that results in sensitivity to the sun. Sold as a monthly subscription, the system delivers a holistic healing system with long-lasting results.

“We are proud to be able to announce the launch of the Halo Clear Acne Treatment System,” says company founder Steven Lee. “Acne is a huge contributor to intense anxiety, depression and low self-esteem. Unfortunately, the products that are currently available usually only provide temporary results and come with unwanted side effects such as redness and peeling. We’re happy to say that Halo Clear changes everything with a revolutionary solution that actually works.”

Halo Clear products are made in the USA and adhere to all ethical guidelines: FDA-approved, non-GMO, gluten-free and not tested on animals. The treatment system targets all stages of acne formation by unblocking clogged pores, killing bacteria on the skin’s surface and within the pore, and reducing inflammation, redness, and swelling in the pore.

The 5 Product Kit is designed to tackle acne at its source and cleanse the body from the inside out to stop breakouts before they happen. Included in the kit are the following products:

• Foaming Cleanser: cleanses skin by washing away dirt from the surface to prepare skin for treatment.
• Pore Refining Toner: revitalizes skin by pulling excel oil deep from pores, leaving skin fresh and balanced.
• Topical Rehydrating Emulsion: rehydrates skin to reduce redness and irritation following treatment.
• Acne Treatment Serum: repairs skin by targeting acne at its source, removing bacteria within the pore
• Skin-Calming Dietary Supplement: heals skin naturally by reducing inflammation to prevent future breakouts

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About the Company

California-based Halo Clear offers an Acne Treatment System for people suffering from moderate to severe acne. Halo Clear’s patented subdermal technology uses a unique and proprietary silicone based formulation that enables the active ingredients to penetrate deeper into the skin and pores to provide results quickly, for relief that lasts. Products are all FDA-approved and come with a 100% money-back guarantee.

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