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Advanced ECG Training Bounces Back After the Pandemic

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HOUSTON, TEXAS, US, April 29, 2021 / — Jerry W. Jones, MD FACEP FAAEM, CEO and principal instructor at Medicus of Houston, a continuing medical education company, has just announced the resumption of live, 4-day presentations of their internationally-acclaimed courses: The Advanced ECG Interpretation Boot Camp and The Masterclass in Advanced Electrocardiography.

The first presentation of The Advanced ECG Interpretation Boot Camp will be in late September 2021 and a presentation of The Masterclass in Advanced Electrocardiography will follow in mid-October. A totally new class – The Masterclass in Advanced Dysrhythmias – will debut in early November 2021. All three classes will be held in Houston, Texas. There are plans for more classes to be presented in other cities throughout the United States. Presentations outside the US will likely resume in early 2022, depending on the lifting of pandemic restrictions.

“We wanted to resume our classes as soon as feasible, “ Jones said, “but we wanted to do so safely. Most of the restrictions in Texas have been lifted but individual businesses and venues can still enforce their own restrictions.” As long as the progress in vaccinations continues, he feels that late September will allow the classes to be held safely.

“We have been doing most of our teaching via ZOOM and that has worked well – but it’s still not like teaching a live group of participants” he added. Dr. Jones adamantly refuses to refer to those attending his advanced ECG interpretation classes as an audience. “An audience is a passive group of bodies that just sit there until the end of the lecture. In my classes, everyone is a participant – there is no opting out. In the Masterclasses, any participant can ask a question at any time and the participants spend 14 hours out of the four days analyzing and interpreting real, complex electrocardiograms in class by themselves. With a little assistance from me.”

It is a very unique style of teaching and participants come from all corners of the earth to study with him in Houston. “Most of the other classes are strictly didactic lectures with little or no opportunity to ask questions. Many courses that claim to be ‘advanced’ are nothing more than review sessions of basic level material. With one exception, people don’t come to my classes to learn how to read an ECG. I expect them to be able to do that already. I teach them to interpret the findings that they have “read” at a much more advanced level.” When questioned about the “one exception,” Dr. Jones stated that he does indeed teach a basic level ECG course for American Medical Seminars, another private continuing medical education company that commissioned him to write and present a basic course for primary care physicians. The two companies are not in competition and he considers it an opportunity to funnel participants with their newly-increased knowledge of ECGs into his advanced classes.

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