International Outreach Efforts by Brother Ronnie Makabai’s: Helping Those in Need Across Africa


Helping humanity can make a significant difference and solve numerous problems. Helping others is not only a method to help others but also a way to obtain a feeling of personal fulfillment and develop stronger communities. We are responsible for working for change in our community and making a difference by helping others.

Brother Ronnie Makabai is a spiritual leader and humanitarian who changes the world through his teachings and assistance. He has taken significant measures to spread the word of God and urges individuals to take on their obligations through his ministry. He has also workedin several regions of Africa by reaching out to the most vulnerable communities. His outreach activities have made a difference in the lives of many people.

The General of Two Cities

Ronnie Makabai has created two cities in Uganda, Holy City Salama and Holy City Entebbe, that function as a hub and a community resource center. They give refuge and healing to those in need so that they can comfort those who are less fortunate. Yet his charitable effort extends well beyond the border and throughout the world. Ronnie Makabai has been to numerous places to aid those in need, providing food, housing, and clothing.

Brother Ronnie’s commitment to spreading the word of God has earned him widespread acclaim and success. He has impacted the lives of many individuals, and as a result, his initiative has received extensive attention.

Ronnie Makabai’s confidence in God’s plan is significant to his success. He has repeatedly stated in his teachings and interviews that God works in mysterious ways and that we should always trust his purpose and time. Because our knowledge is just 1% of that of God, we should never make decisions based on what we know.

He is a scholar with a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Mass Communication, and a Th.D. (Doctorate of Theology). Despite having such an impressive academic record, he surrendered to God in May 2006 and began living according to His instructions.

Constantly Reaching Out

Ronnie Makabai’s journey does not finish here, as he continues to reach out to individuals in other places for assistance. He travels to many nations, including Kenya, Rwanda, and Tanzania, to helpneedy individuals. Brother Ronnie believes that actions of humanity, such as donating or volunteering, are essential to God’s plan.

He launched Christ FM 91.6 and ArkTV Uganda to increase awareness and reach out to the people. He hosts exciting TV shows that include demonstrations of God’s power in the form of amazing miracles and wonders. His performance inspires people to have confidence in God and to thank him for all the benefits in their lives.

Ronnie Makabai’s ministry exemplifies strength, faith, and salvation. Through outreach initiatives, he has proved his readiness to serve people worldwide and make a difference for those in need. His work inspires us all to make efforts to create a brighter future for everybody, no matter how big or small.