InsuredMine is the newest Silver Corporate Partner of NetVU (The Network of Vertafore Users)

InsuredMine is the newest Silver Corporate Partner of NetVU (The Network of Vertafore Users)

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InsuredMine is excited to announce its support and commitment to the Vertafore User Group (NetVU) as the newest Silver Corporate Partner.

I have tried at least 5 or 6 different CRMS over the last few years and was always trying to find something that could compare with Salesforce and IM has done that plus more.”

— Brittney Howard, Insurance Matchmaker

DALLAS, TX, UNITED STATES, March 26, 2021 / — The sponsorship is part of our commitment to the Vertafore suite of products built upon our 2-way integration with both QQ Catalyst and AMS360 platforms. Raution Jaiswal, Co-Founder of InsuredMine explains, “Technology is ever-changing and upgrading; a network of users plays an important role in the adoption of such technology and digital processes by extensive training, knowledge sharing, and building communities. NetVU has proven itself to be highly effective at unleashing the power of the community in the insurance software space.”

Jaiswal, added, “Vertafore products add value to not only large enterprise agencies but also to smaller ones and InsuredMine has a solution that seamlessly integrates with products like AMS360 and QQ Catalysts thus enhancing the valuing of the agency’s sales and operations ecosystem.

2-way Integrations with Agency Management Systems

Seamless integration with Agency Management System is certainly a strong suit that makes this CRM and all its capabilities way more lucrative. Both systems, Agency Management System and CRM, work in sync to save you time and effort by negating double entry and provide you the best experience technology has to offer with efficient data management and, most importantly, let you be on top of your game, especially in the area of growth.

Add a contact/deal in InsuredMine and the contact, as a prospect, is added to Agency Management System, then while you continue to follow with email, text, phone, VM, notes – all of them are automatically being synced with the Agency Management System. Once you close the deal, and the download happens overnight in the Agency Management System, that data gets automatically synced to InsuredMine… thus completing the full circle of the prospect to the client with 100% sync… how cool is that?

Why now?
Growth is not an option. Digitization is the first step towards growth!

Close sales faster with a predefined sales process, combined with automation, quick and effective engagement is expected with better speed and higher outcomes. Our clients find that they close deals up to 50% faster with the use of our digital channel.

No need to manufacture your sales or marketing processes out of an Agency Management System, but leverage it for your comprehensive record keeping. Sell via InsuredMine (IM) and sync with Agency Management System. Connect via IM and document in Agency Management System. Avoid double entry and get the best of both worlds.

It’s possible with InsuredMine – Explore
One more reason why your staff will love you: It will make their life easy, productive and results-oriented. Here are few ways InsuredMine offers Insurance Agencies a customized, automated, designed for you, digital experience:
– Sales Pipeline: Multiple Pipelines for sales & renewals, to get more deals – web or manual to close faster, serve better, and track all.
– Drip Campaigns: Design and develop multi-stage drip campaigns for segmented contacts and track contact’s response behavior.
– Data Analytics: Interactive analytics allow you to view and understand your data story, but also give you the opportunity to create lists to email and text as you need. Use that knowledge to grow your business utilizing cross-sales & retention.
– Secure Data: Organize Agency data in one central hub with bank-grade cloud security to increase efficiency and mitigate risk.

<> Get started on your digital journey today. Streamline your process for immediate ROI.
<> Make Automation and Analytics part of your agency culture.
<> Data clean up to client segmentation, automation to opportunity nurturing, review each of them so nothing is brushed under carpet.
<> Stay on schedule by monitoring the progress of each goal and keeping track.
<> Last but not least, the best way to take on this initiative for 2021 Goals, is to start today, do as much as possible and build upon it. No two agencies are the same so their successes and failures will be different too.

“This InsureTech company is exactly what we have been looking for the past 10 years. We subscribed to many platforms and finally have come across a platform that integrates with our Agency Management System and who also listens to their customers. I would give it 10 stars if I could.” – Joshua R. Hernandez, Partner, SOGO Wealth & Risk Management, LLC

“I have tried at least 5 or 6 different CRMS over the last few years and was always trying to find something that could compare with Salesforce and IM has done that plus more.” – Brittney Howard, Insurance Matchmaker

About the Partnership
InsuredMine has partnered with NetVU to provide intrinsic value to the independent insurance agencies that are a part of this user group community. InsuredMine’s commitment is to provide the community members with new and innovative technologies, with training and updates on the same.
We are super-excited to be associated with such eager, passionate, and aspiring insurance professionals. And, we are honored to have NetVU recognize the value that InsuredMine brings to their community.

About NetVU:
NetVU is the Vertafore technology users’ network. NetVU is one of the largest and prestigious insurance communities that represents more than 30,000 insurance agencies. NCOM, the online forum of NetVU provides educational opportunities, training, advocacy and network to all the associated insurance agents. Vertafore and its user group are aligning more closely to provide a better technology experience to the independent insurance agents.

About InsuredMine
InsuredMine is an all-in-one Sales, CRM, Marketing Automation platform specially designed for Insurance Agencies. The InsuredMine portal is well-integrated with industry-leading AMS software for Insurance Agencies. InsuredMine helps agents to convert prospects, engage and retain clients based on its SEAM model of Sales, Engagement, Analytics, and Mobility. InsuredMine’s Agency Portal helps the agency managers to manage workflows and develop an insight into the agency’s performance through accurate and real-time analytics. InsuredMine is focused on helping Insurance agencies and agents deliver better service to their clients and efficiently grow their books of business. InsuredMine- single tool with multiple usabilities! To know more about InsuredMine visit:

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