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Kari Veastad Landscape


Eagle Wings Bear

I love to see a blank canvas and going on a journey to discover what the finished artwork is each time. It always surprises me what the new images tell me during the process.”

— Kari Veastad

NEW YORK, NY, USA, April 8, 2021 / — Master artist and painter Kari Veastad‘s award-winning aesthetic experimentation focuses on abstract expressionism reflecting ideas concerning nature, spiritual experiences, and the human psyche’s complexities. Her work’s core mission is to exhibit art that encourages ideas to shape and mold plans into something better, more efficient, and useful for the world.

Creativity has always been a part of Veastad’s life. Nature and creation give way to the natural energy that Veastad uses to harness the power and the creativity that comes with it.

In 2009, Veastad sought to learn oil painting, giving a voice to her inner creator. Through that study, Veastad found a new passion for creating artistic representations. During that time, as her confidence and natural talent grew, she found she was missing something in her work. Through practice, research, and connecting with the inner self, she discovered how to paint intuitively.

“To play with colors in the intuitive universe has given me a color pleasure journey as it has evolved into an exciting intuitive creator joy where I play with colors until I discover something that will emerge in the canvas.”

Her work is inspired by beauty, movement, and interaction between body, soul, and spirit. Each piece often ends up in different directions between inner and outer landscapes, the mystery of life, affiliation to something bigger, or our feelings as is close and simple to all of us. Veastad’s style straddles between representation and exploration of color fields with gestural lines. Blurred objects blend into the background while serving as a contrasting highlight to focus on a face or main subject on the canvas.

Leaving open interpretation to the observer, each of Veastad’s works awakens a reflective perspective of the self in the viewer’s heart and mind. Her creative process is very spontaneous as she allows her whims to dictate every stroke of paint. Veastad creates visual plays that take hold of the observer in a colorful visual embrace.

“I love to see a blank canvas and going on a journey to discover what the finished artwork is each time. It always surprises me what the new images tell me during the process. Painting is still a learning process in my inner world, and it reminds me of the wholeness and how everything in life is connected. Meditation, gratitude, and reflection often lead to new movements in my inner landscape. Like Edvard Hooper says: ‘If I could say it in words, there would be no reason to paint.”

As her art has grown, so has her international recognition. Through private and public exhibitions, and award-winning art pieces, Veastad continues to create. She hopes to bring expanded boundaries, open up others’ imagination for reflections, and expand horizons to see the world from a different perspective, reminding us of the vast universe we live in and all the love given to us both in inner and outer landscape. Her work seeks to bring joy, inner peace, and awareness to all the love and light we don’t see but surround us all the time.

Awarded Arttour International Magazine‘s Top 60 Master in May 2019, her international presence has continued to grow, bringing her work to a global audience. Her work has continued to gain success through awards and exhibitions.

“My colors and hands take me on a joyous and unfamiliar journey through inner and outer landscapes. I am constantly surprised by what comes on the canvas as different variants of movement and interaction between body, soul, and spirit.”

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