Indian Performer “KAKI SINGER” embraced the colours of Rural India in her latest Music Video ‘Lightswitch’


This Hip-Hop/Rap track talks about having fun and living your life fully while also accepting how a person faces hate when he/she is growing and everyone tries to undermine them.

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Kaki Singer talks about having fun and living your life, the fullest while also accepting that the more you grow the more hate and difficulties you have to face

Creativity isn’t about ‘presenting differently’ it’s about how you ‘think differently’”

— Kaki Singer

UDAIPUR, RAJASTHAN, INDIA, May 5, 2021 / — The beauty of India and its rural lifestyle needs no introduction, but to present it to the world in its raw form is a different matter. Rising singer-songwriter from Udaipur, India, Hema Dangi (Better known as Kaki Singer ) has done a commendable job at displaying the rural Indian culture and lifestyle in her new Music Video ‘Lightswitch’ which was released on April 30, 2021, at The music video already reached 400K + views, 7K likes, and had more than 1000 shares within 24 hours of its release. ‘Lightswitch’ was long-awaited by the fans of Kaki since its announcement six weeks before the release through her Instagram.

Growing up in India, Kaki learned everything from Indian Classical to Western Pop at the young age of 18. She wrote her first song when she was 16, since then Kaki is impressing everyone with the versatility in her song choices. She’s been experimenting in different genres with every release. With the following of more than 100k on her Instagram and being the first artist from Udaipur to have an IMDb page, she has been an Inspiration to Independent Artists.

‘Lightswitch’ is Kaki’s first song in Hip-Hop/Rap genre and judging by the response of people, there are many more to come. The Music Video is a combination of Hip-Hip/Rap music with the view of diverse Indian culture. Mixing different cultures through her music seems to be one of Kaki’s specialties which can also be seen in her last release ‘Sargam’ which was an astonishing mix of Indian Classical and English Pop lyrics. Apart from the creative concept, the song is written by the talented composer David Thomas Tough and Jordan Kyle Webb.

Through the track, Kaki talks about the reality of success where a person constantly faces hate, goes through phases where everyone tries to undermine them. The more you grow the more the hate and jealousy get.
But even with all this, she accepts all the love and fun she gets from anywhere and is not willing to give up any of her happiness. The track is like a sarcastic reply to haters.
The song instantly makes you engaged and the lyrics make you relate to it no matter where you are and what your lifestyle is.

The beginning of the lyrics talks about a girl finding her way into the music industry, losing all the fear and anxiety behind her. She has quit pretending to be someone she’s not just for the sake of pleasing people, moving on to criticize fake people who once pretended to be her well-wishers and turned out to be the ones stepping in her way of success. She’s happy with her life and is ready to be close with and respect anyone who reflects the same. She doesn’t want money, big brands, luxury, she’s content with having fun how she wants.

Apart from her extraordinary creativity in singing and songwriting, Kaki grabs the attention of her audience from her music videos. Her most recent single ‘Lightswitch’ shows a glimpse of a girl’s life from a village where she’s enjoying with her friends singing an English Rap song. The videography for the Music Video was by Talentsofworld Production.
Just like the lyrics says about not wanting money and luxury and living life to the fullest and having fun with the people in her life, the music video seemingly reflects the situation where she’s having fun and dancing around with people without thinking about age, gender, class and language barriers.

The music video shows a beautiful and raw picture of rural India, there is no deceit in depicting the people or accommodation as the location of the music video is set in Udaipur, Rajasthan. The lifestyle shown in the music video can be confirmed by the locals of Udaipur villages. Gorgeous ladies doing household works, Children playing in lakes, Farmers harvesting their crops, and even with all these tiring duties, they find time to enjoy themselves and the beauty of lives. The video in no way makes fun of their lifestyle, in fact, it appreciates the wonderful culture still preserved in rural India.

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