Iglesia Ni Cristo Leaders Discuss How to Attend Church Safely During COVID


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Iglesia Ni Cristo leaders recently discussed how to attend church safely during the COVID-19 pandemic.

As much as we enjoy our community socializes before and after church services, we ask that everyone forego this action for the time being,”

— Iglesia Ni Cristo Church Leaders

TORONTO, ONTARIO , CANADA, April 29, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Attending church is an absolute must for many people. Keeping faith can be difficult from home, where online and television church services can be much less engaging, and distractions are more likely to occur. Leaders of Iglesia Ni Cristo recently discussed measures that can be taken to reduce the risk of contracting the COVID-19 virus while attending church.

“The first step is to determine what the pandemic is currently doing in your community,” Iglesia Ni Cristo leaders said. “If the pandemic is in full force, and many new infections are occurring, it’s better to continue with at-home services, no matter the complications, for now.”

However, the church stated that it is now possible to attend in-person services if the virus is under control in your community. Certain safety precautions can be used to keep yourself and others safe. A mask must be worn at all times, and it must cover the nose and mouth. Additionally, members of the church should sit at least 6 feet away from those who do not live in the same household. This may require moving church services into a larger building or outdoors. 

“All attendees should wash their hands upon entering the church and bring their own hand-sanitizer for sanitizing after touching surfaces throughout the church,” Iglesia Ni Cristo leaders said. “It’s essential that anyone with symptoms of COVID-19 not attend church, even if they haven’t been tested, are awaiting test results, or the test results have come back negative.”

Iglesia Ni Cristo churches around the country and around the globe have increased the number of accessible sinks and sanitizing supplies. They ask that everybody use these new stations and supplies as often as possible. 

“As much as we enjoy our community socializes before and after church services, we ask that everyone forego this action for the time being,” church leaders said. “We will not be holding many of the usual church gatherings we offer, but we know we will all be able to socialize and share our beliefs soon.” 

Church leaders explained that they look forward to a time when the community can enjoy social gatherings again, but participation in the above actions now can help these gatherings return sooner. The Iglesia Ni Cristo church has trained all staff and clergy to take all necessary sanitation and safety measures, and they ask that the church community follow all provided guidelines, so in-person services can continue. 

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