If You Don’t Know About John Sharkey Than You Are Missing Out Big Time!


Do you appreciate venturing into unknown musical territory in search of sounds that are new, different, and unlike anything you’ve heard before?Are you a big fan of rock music? If you answered yes to the preceding two questions, then keep reading because we have exactly the guyfor you. Circus of Power’s leading bassist, John Sharkeyhas built quite a name for himself becauseof his particular musical approach. With the band’s comeback in 2014, their songs have climbed to the top, becoming major hits.

The Story of the Circus of Power

The name “Circus of Power” may strike a bell for the old folks because they were quite well-known back in the day. Due to their incredible team, the band has released one hit song after another since its inception in 1985. What surprised music enthusiasts was when they split up in 1995 for personal reasons. This announcement made fans upset because they felt blocked off from hearing their unique songs.

Yet, it was exciting to see the band reunite after 12 years in 2006 to perform at a concert in New York, which drew a massive crowd and the band’s fans. Queen Vixen and Honey 1Percenter from Cycle Sluts provided vocals, and guests included Daniel Rey (Ramones) and Phil Caivano (Monster Magnet) boosting the entire crowd. The audience couldn’t stop applauding and chanting as they heard their favorite songs from the original band live.

Aside from that, there were numerous occasions when people attempted to put the band together, such as in 2008, when they were requested to play on two separate occasions. This never happened since the artists couldn’t make it due to their busy schedules. Fans were overjoyed once again in 2014 when they heard that the band was reuniting for real this time.

However, there was a new addition this time: fan favorite John Francis Sharkey on the bass. This sparked interest once more since he is a well-known bassist in the industry who has previously worked with Bassist for 9th Street Bodega and Karen Iris. When fans learned that such a big celebrity was joining the band, their show earned more prominence than ever.

A New Musical Era

With his talent as a bassist, John Francis Sharkey undoubtedly provided the squad with the missing spark. His beats are unlike anything you’ve ever heard, and this is what sets him apart from the competition. It is not just Sharkey who is accountable for change, but the entire team. And their talent speaks for itself.

It is safe to say that we have entered a new era of music ever since the band reunited. Such skillful artists in their team have undoubtedly brought them huge success. Eachof their songsmakes it to the top of the charts. If you’re still missing out, put on your earbuds and listen to their music because once you do, you won’t be able to stop.