How to Save Money on Buying Your Iphone

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How can I save money buying an iPhone? While it may seem like a long shot, there are several ways you can go about it.

You can buy an iPhone 7 at a low price but if you are only keen on the newer iPhone 11, you might have to go another direction!”

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DUBLIN, IRELAND, April 14, 2021 / — Quick! What’s the best smartphone on the market right now? If you are a true Apple fan, your answer would be faster than the A13 processor on the new iPhone 11. When it comes to cutting edge technology, build quality and grand design, nothing comes closer to Apple. Since their debut in 2007, Steve Jobs vision to create a true smartphone have come to life as the years went by. However, Apple never made compromises. Meaning they always cost a premium price. This was done to reflect the quality and the work that goes into producing the best smartphone in the market.

It is no wonder you are reading this article; thousands like you wonder about the same question. How can I save money buying an iPhone? While it may seem like a long shot, there are several ways you can go about it.

Waiting a little bit
As soon as a new device is released, people flock to their nearest Apple store to grab the shiny new phone. This while has its merits; none of them is financial. You are buying the devices at their peak price, and there is no saving. If you hold on to your current device for a little bit longer, you will gain a bit of an advantage when the market prices drop. Or you can do the smarter thing and opt-out to by an older model. Currently, you can buy an iPhone 7 or iPhone at a low price. But if you are only keen on the sparkly new iPhone 11, you might have to go another direction.

Keep an eye out for sales.
Sure Apple will never have a sale on their products no matter how badly we want them. But your local electronics store might do it, especially for holidays like Christmas, Boxing day or New Years. Sometimes you might save some more money if you sign up with a particular Network. This is a great way to get the latest iPhone and still save money. So it is wise to keep your ear to the nearest electronics store or sign up for their newsletters.

Trade-in your old phone
You can trade your current phone to an Apple store or a local electronic giant and receive a small discount on your new phone. This can only be done if you have purchased your current phone outright- No contract attached to it. However, specific networks might be interested in your old phone as well. And they may even give you a discount on a new contract. This amount can vary depending on different circumstances. For instance, if your phone has scratches, dents or broken instruments, you may not be qualified for the trade-in program. It also may be limited by the model you are trading. So if you have an iPhone 5 and trying to get a bargain on the new iPhone 11, you might be out of luck.

Sell your old phone online.
It’s easy as it sounds. You can put your phone up on a classified ad website, eBay or even Facebook market place. But be ready to haggle because just like you everyone is out looking for a bargain—research well on whats the real value of the current phone. And add a couple of hundred euros on top of that because that way you have some wiggle room. If you are giving away the phone with all its accessories, you will be able to get a better deal. But again, if your device looks like a scratch lottery ticket, have a cracked screen, your advert will be ignored.

What about buying from a Contract?
Ahh, if it isn’t the chicken or egg question of mobile phones. Some users swear by the outright purchases, and others think only fools ignore the savings of contract purchase. They both have merit to themselves, and it all depends on what you want to do and your current budget. If you have been a good little soldier and saving some money on the side, you may have the 1000 Euros you need to buy the phone outright. But if you are like most of us and can’t stop buying coffee every day, you are more likely to sign up for a contract.

Or Go in the best way, A Refurbished iPhone!
Okay, you may have heard about them or have seen ads online, but you were not sure what exactly is a refurbished iPhone. It is precisely as it means, a device that was once owned by someone but was returned to Apple or an authorized dealer. While all iPhones are created equally, some will have issues down the road. It can be a faulty battery, Twitchy front camera, problems with the touch id sensor. A myriad of issues can happen to a device in the first few months of its use. In these situations, users can return their devices to Apple. Then the user is given a new device, and the faulty unit is returned to Apple engineers or Authorized repair shops to diagnose the issues. Later in the capable hands of trusty repairmen, the device is restored to working condition. Then the outer shell and metal rim are replaced to make sure it’s near brand new.

Refurbished units are shipped in plain white or original boxes along with all the accessories such as chargers, lightning cable, manuals and headphones. And best of all, all these units are sold at a discount price! This is the best possible way to buy an iPhone without breaking the bank. You are also given a 12-month warranty in case anything goes wrong. Cheap, reliable and with a guarantee, it almost sounds like its too good to be true. It isn’t. It is a legitimate way to save money on buying an iPhone with a considerable discount. Couple it with a SIM-only plan, and you can be boasting on Instagram with high-quality pictures. Without paying the premium price.

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