Hosting Company Mindspun Launches, Providing Websites on the Ghost Platform


Businesses and content creators now have a new, affordable way to launch an impressive website

CARSON CITY, NV, UNITED STATES, May 5, 2021 / — After almost two years of development, Mindspun is excited to announce its global launch. Inspired by the lack of hosting providers for the growing Ghost website platform, Mindspun has launched with a level of service and affordability that should appeal to a wide selection of customers.

What is the Ghost blogging platform? When founded in 2013 as a new platform focused solely on professional publishing, content creators suddenly had access to this new set of open-source tools. Ghost provides a variety of distinct advantages over WordPress, Medium, Substack and Patreon.

Similar to WordPress, a Mindspun site can be used as a traditional blog, or as a full-featured website. The design is clean and looks great on all devices. Mindspun web pages load blazingly fast, and updates to the site are automatic and essentially invisible. In terms of security, Mindspun websites are bulletproof, and all are HTTPS by default. All of the above benefits are critical for SEO, helping customers rank high on search engines. Additional SEO options are also provided to users when they create posts and pages.

One of the best aspects of Mindspun is the customer’s website is created within minutes of registering. It’s all automated: a few clicks and the customer is presented with a fully functional website. A few more clicks, and the site is branded with their preferred colors, logos and graphics. A few more clicks, and they can publish new posts/pages on the site. It’s all exceedingly easy for the user, yet the technology behind the scenes is exceedingly advanced.

“The Ghost platform really impressed me when I first came across it,” acknowledged Matthew, the founder and CEO of Mindspun. “It’s been clear for some time now that WordPress has been showing its age. It was developed a full decade before Ghost, and in Internet time that’s the equivalent of about a century. Ghost’s architecture is modern, elegant and efficient. I knew this was a platform I wanted to put my time and energy behind.”

New customers benefit from a free trial limited to 90 days and 20 blog posts. Mindspun’s Basic Plan looks more like the Pro Plan offered by other hosts, with up to 500,000 page views a month and unlimited users. Plus, paid customers benefit from receiving direct technical support from friendly experts.

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