Horvath Communications announces HORVATH DATA CENTERS at its over 350 tower locations throughout the United States.

SOUTH BEND , IN, USA, April 27, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — SOUTH BEND, IN – APRIL 13, 2021 – Horvath Communications announces HORVATH DATA CENTERS at its over 350 tower locations throughout the United States. Horvath at the Edge is a build-to-suit data processing infrastructure. Along with helping to bridge the digital divide, this service is a targeted solution for precision agriculture, smart cities, smart grid utilities, public safety networks, and enhanced IoT for a variety of verticals including autonomous vehicles.

HORVATH DATA CENTERS will provide a unique solution, fitted to customers’ needs at each tower location. “We simply see ourselves as a conduit for these much-needed resources whether we own the edge resource or simply supply the location,” said Jackie Horvath, CEO at Horvath Communications. “Rather than build a one size fits all infrastructure, we are committed to a buildout of the right solution at the right location. Our model accommodates other edge providers as well as our own solutions. We feel that this methodology will launch innovation much more rapidly across a larger footprint.”

Horvath’s tower assets span the United States, with available fiber and power, as well as a secure facility. More information on these tower locations can be found at https://horvathcommunications.com/towers/ All locations can be fitted to accommodate the Horvath at the Edge Solution.
For more information on Horvath at the Edge, contact the Horvath Edge Team: Jackie Horvath – President – jhorvath@horvathcommunications.com
Erin Horvath – Vice President – ehorvath@horvathcommunications.com
Shauna Adair – Edge Project Manager – sadair@horvathcommunications.com

About Horvath Communications
Founded in 1996, Horvath Communications is a leading wireless telecommunications company, developing cellular infrastructure throughout the United States.

The Horvath Towers brand develops cellular or “macro” towers, and the Horvath DAS & Small Cell brand develops indoor/outdoor distributed antenna systems and small cell networks.
Horvath has developed towers and DAS systems in 38 states in a range of environments, from towers on mountainsides and dense urban areas to DAS venues that include amusement parks, casinos, hotels, and office buildings. All DAS and tower projects are closely managed from start to finish by the Horvath staff.

Horvath works with all major cellular carriers as well as many regional providers to meet the demand for wireless infrastructure and colocation. Horvath also manages a portfolio of tower sites under the Hoosier Towers brand.

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