HoduSoft Announced SIP Trunking Module For ITSPs, ISPs, and Telecom Companies


HoduSoft one of the leading Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) solution providers globally, has announced the SIP Trunking module in HoduPBX.

AHMEDABAD, GUJARAT, INDIA, April 30, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Having years of experience in the VoIP industry, HoduSoft has introduced various innovative products and solutions for business communication. The SIP trunking module is one of the best solutions introduced by HoduSoft for Internet Telephony Service Providers (ITSPs), Internet Service Providers (ISPs) and Telecoms throughout the world. With the ability to support 1000+ simultaneous calls on a single server, HoduSoft’s SIP trunking module eliminates the need of installing complex traditional multiple fixed PSTN lines with IP telephony (Internet Protocol telephony) With the help of SIP Trunking as a service, ITSPs, ISPs, and Telecoms can easily create their own trunk to receive traffic from the customer’s site or to send traffic to the customer’s site. They can also route the traffic based on the business requirement and generate the revenue.

Some of the key features of the SIP Trunking module for HoduPBX include:

– Inbound and Outbound Trunk Rate Plan: Admin can create a rate plan for both inbound and outbound calling.
– Bundle Plan: Admin can also provide inbound and outbound calling related offers to the tenants.
– User Permission: The admin can allow the number of trunks that the tenant can configure.
– Max Simultaneous Calls: The tenant can define the maximum number of simultaneous calls for a particular SIP trunk.
– Outbound Trunk Configuration: The tenant can easily configure the outbound trunk.
– Inbound Trunk Configuration: With inbound configuration feature, incoming calls can be routed easily to an external URI.
– Trunk Routing: With outbound trunk routing, the outbound trunk calls can be routed to multiple end-points such as HoduPBX extensions, queue, IVR, conference, voicemail, etc. Calls can also be routed to the inbound trunk.

For more details about the SIP Trunking features, visit-https://hodusoft.com/hodupbx-sip-trunking/

The benefits of offering the SIP Trunking as a service are:

– Cost Management: ISP’s, ITSPs, and Telecom companies can easily manage their costs and generate revenue by providing SIP trunking as a service to their customers.
– Easy to Configure: The SIP trunk can be configured easily as per the business requirement.
– Scalable: It provides quick scalability on a single link with a large volume of simultaneous calls.
– Fully Secure: The calls made over the SIP trunks are fully secure.
– Smooth Functionality: The single link SIP trunk connectivity ensures smooth functionality.
– Disaster Recovery: SIP trunks are an essential part of a business’s disaster recovery plan. Without affecting the business operations, the calls can be diverted immediately to another site or system if something unexpected happens.
– Cost-Effective Solution: SIP trunking services are quite a cost-effective solution for enterprises.

When asked about the details, Bharat Lalcheta, Co-Founder & CTO said, “We are happy to announce a new module into the HoduPBX system- The ‘SIP Trunking’ module. HoduSoft’s Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) Trunking module is an advanced voice connectivity product that allows businesses to place or receive calls over the internet. It can easily support a huge volume of simultaneous calls without compromising on the call quality. By utilizing our SIP trunking service, businesses can make huge savings on their communication costs while enjoying the benefits of unified communication.”

Mr. Lalcheta further added, “HoduPBX- IP PBX software is one of the most popular products of HoduSoft that is designed to facilitate unified global business communications. The SIP trunking module of HoduPBX can be used by ISPs, ITSP’s, and Telecom companies to provide their own SIP trunking services to their clients or tenants. These companies can utilize their own trunk or partner trunks for routing the calls to their destination based on the routing defined in the HoduPBX. Moreover, they can take charges for the service and calls. Some of the key benefits that users can get by utilizing our SIP trunking module include easy configuration, highly secure solution, simplified network, quick scalability, disaster recovery, cost-effectiveness, and more.”
For more details related to the SIP Trunking module or to get a free demo of the system, one can visit- https://hodusoft.com/hodupbx-sip-trunking/.

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