Fri. Apr 23rd, 2021
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Medical device innovators lose a lot of time and waste a lot of resources navigating the complex hurdles of data science, DataOps, regulatory compliance, and clinical process”

— Brian Greene, CTO & Co-Founder

SAN FRANCISCO, CA, USA, March 23, 2021 / — HMD Labs has secured $2 million in additional seed-round financing from multiple investors, including industry luminaries Richard Leparmentier, Anshu Sharma, and Peeyush Ranjan.

This new round of funding underscores the market’s strong endorsement of the HMD Labs AI/ML platform—which enables next-generation medical device innovators to accelerate their time-to-market, enhance their value propositions to clinical practitioners, and more effectively differentiate themselves from their erstwhile competitors through optimized analysis and visibility into high-value clinical data.

This additional funding is especially significant because it comes from investors with significant experience, insight, and interest in the rapidly evolving market for intelligent medical devices.

Richard Leparmentier, who currently serves as VP of R&D for Johnson & Johnson’s Auris Flexible Robotics business unit, has had a storied multi-decade career as an innovator and entrepreneur in the industry—including leadership roles at GE, ASML, Mako, Stryker, and Auris.

Anshu Sharma is Co-Founder and CEO of data privacy pioneer Skyflow. His entrepreneurial track record also includes ground-breaking startups such as ClearedIn, Workato, Tekion, and Suki.

Peeyush Ranjan is VP of Engineering at Google, leading both its Next Billion Users initiative and its Payments organization. Peeyush has also held technology leadership positions at Airbnb and Flipkart.

The new round of funding will be devoted entirely to product development.

HMD Labs provides a purpose-built turnkey high-value data analytics platform especially for developers of next-generation medical devices. By providing this specialized platform to its entrepreneurial clientele, HMD Labs allows them to avoid having to “re-invent the wheel” for their foundational data analysis and data visualization capabilities. Medical device innovators can thus get to market more quickly and allocate more of their limited resources to differentiating features, rather than what has rapidly become the “table stakes” of advanced machine learning and AI for medical data.

“Medical device innovators lose a lot of time and waste a lot of resources navigating the complex hurdles of data science, DataOps, regulatory compliance, and clinical process,” said HMD Labs CTO and co-founder Brian Greene. “The HMD Labs platform-and-toolkit approach frees innovators from these burdens so they can focus on quickly and effectively solving their specific clinical challenges-of-choice.”

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HMD Labs empowers medical device innovators to get to market more quickly with better clinical solutions by providing a purpose-built state-of-the-art platform and development toolkit for medical data analytics. For more information about HMD Labs, please visit or call 925-412-3476.

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