Have you been Vaccinated? Get the New FDA EUA IgG II Antibody Test at No-Cost in Whittier on April 28-30

L-R: Chairman of GUARDaHEART Foundation, Dr. Harrington; Member of Whittier Voters Coalition, Maggie Moe; City Clerk of the City of Whittier, Rigo Garcia

L-R: Chairman of GUARDaHEART Foundation, Dr. Harrington; Member of Whittier Voters Coalition, Maggie Moe; City Clerk of the City of Whittier, Rigo Garcia

Make Your Appointment at https://www.guardaheart.org/

Make Your Appointment at https://www.guardaheart.org/

Trained Phlebotomist withdraws blood for Antibody Test

Trained Phlebotomist withdraws blood for Antibody Test

Senator Bob Archuleta https://sd32.senate.ca.gov/

Senator Bob Archuleta https://sd32.senate.ca.gov/

Whittier Voters Coalition https://www.facebook.com/WhittierVotersCoalition

Whittier Voters Coalition https://www.facebook.com/WhittierVotersCoalition

Think you already had the Coronavirus? Get tested at GUARDaHEART’s community no-cost COVID-19 antibody testing event at Destiny Community Church International

Antibody testing is still a crucial part of fighting this virus, even as California moves to an increased vaccination rate.”

— Douglas S. Harrington, M.D., Chairman of the GUARDaHEART Foundation

WHITTIER, CA – CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, April 23, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — GUARDaHeart Foundation, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to fighting heart disease, invites the community of Whittier and the surrounding neighborhoods to receive COVID-19 antibody testing at no cost on April 28-30. GUARDaHEART has partnered once again with Destiny Community Church International, Whittier Voters Coalition, and Senator Bob Archuleta’s office on this community event. The event will also offer a new antibody test for people that have completed their second dose of the COVID-19 vaccine. This is a new antibody test for vaccinated individuals called IgG II. This new FDA Emergency Use Authorized (EUA) antibody test is the most sensitive and specific to-date, offering insights even for those that have had their second vaccination dose. This new test, IgG II, is more sensitive than previous tests available in relation to vaccinated people. This test will help community health leaders identify the level prevalence and herd immunity in the community.

Unlike the oral and nasal swab tests used to determine if someone currently has COVID-19, the antibody test is a serology blood test used to determine if someone had COVID-19 in the past. The SARS-CoV-2 serology antibody test detects antibodies, which are proteins produced by the immune system to fight infection. If found, it signals that the body has at some point developed an immune response to COVID-19. People who have had and recovered from the virus can donate convalescent plasma—a part of the blood rich in antibodies—which can be used to treat patients who are experiencing severe COVID-19 symptoms.

“We know that 40-60% of people infected with COVID-19 are asymptomatic and may recover without ever getting a positive diagnosis. Antibody testing allows our public health officials to track the true spread of infection and also equips individuals with the knowledge to make life-saving decisions. Antibody testing is still a crucial part of fighting this virus, even as California moves to an increased vaccination rate,” said Dr. Douglas S. Harrington, Chairman of the GUARDaHEART Foundation and Fellow of the American Society of Preventive Cardiology and the American Society of Clinical Pathology.

Senator Bob Archuleta, who represents District 32, added, “Antibody testing is an essential tool for monitoring COVID-19 in our communities. I strongly encourage anyone who believes they may have been exposed to the virus over the course of the pandemic to get a test at this event.”

Testing is open to all ages, but those 17 or younger must bring a parent or legal guardian. Candidates for antibody testing include people who think they may have come into contact with COVID-19 and people who previously experienced COVID-19 symptoms, but who were never diagnosed. People who were diagnosed and have since recovered and people who have received their second vaccine dose in the past 2-4 weeks are also eligible for antibody testing. Only people who are asymptomatic are recommended to come to this event. People who are currently experiencing COVID-19 symptoms should get a swab test elsewhere.

Antibody testing is covered under the CARES Act, regardless of health insurance status. Those with health insurance should bring their insurance cards, but they will not be charged a co-pay, lab fees, deductibles, or other costs. Results are confidential and will be available within five business days following all HIPAA compliance requirements.

Testing is available at Destiny Community Church, located at 7277 Greenleaf Ave. in Whittier on April 28, 29, and 30 from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Walk-ins are welcome until 3:30 p.m. daily, but registration in advance is highly encouraged. Masks and a temperature check are required.

“There haven’t been many antibody testing opportunities in Whittier other than our events, so we’ve stepped up to serve anyone in our community who needs or wants an antibody test,” said Pastor Charley Gallegos of Destiny Community Church.

“My childhood friend, Edith Munuz Carares, was one of many we’ve lost to this virus. I am honored to participate in this event in her memory, and hope that doing our part amid the still-looming threat of COVID-19 can prevent further loss,” Maggie Moe with Whittier Voters Coalition shared.

Interested parties can register online at www.guardaheart.org. Those without internet access or who need assistance in Spanish may call (866) 299-8998.
For media inquiries and organizations interested in partnering with GUARDaHEART can contact Yvette Morales at 949-244-9769 or YMorales@YM-PR.com.

About GUARDaHEART Foundation
GUARDaHEART Foundation is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit that provides education to the community, corporations, Native American organizations, unions, and individuals to promote heart disease awareness, detection, and prevention. Our mission is to empower communities through preventative action and to reduce the risk of heart disease worldwide. “LEARN. DETECT. PREVENT.”

Visit www.guardaheart.org for more information.
GUARDaHEART is the organizer of the community events and all tests provided are performed by two CLIA Certified Laboratories.

About Destiny Community Church International
The vision of Destiny Community Church International, and the very heart of its pastors, is to “Rebuild, Restore, and Raise Up the foundations of many generations” according to Isaiah 58:12.
Senior Pastors Charley and Linda have been in full-time ministry for over thirty years and are under the covering of the Church of God (Cleveland, Tennessee). Pastor Charley is a sought-after speaker for his motivational and restoration style of ministering. With Pastor Linda at his side, Pastor Charley has ministered to pastors and church leaders in London, Spain, Colombia, New York, Texas, Arizona, and throughout California.

Visit Destiny Community Church International at www.destinycommunitychurch.com for more information.

About Senator Archuleta, 32nd Senate District
Senator Bob J. Archuleta, a former Presidential Appointee and Pico Rivera city mayor, has dedicated his life to serving his community and his country proudly. He was elected in November 2018 to the California State Senate to represent the 32nd Senate District, which includes portions of Los Angeles County and Orange County. Senator Archuleta is the Chair of the Senate Committee on Veterans Affairs. He is the first Latino Army Veteran named to the position. He also serves on the following committees: Business, Professions and Economic Development, Governmental Organizations, and Insurance.

Senator Archuleta has received Congressional Recognition Awards and Proclamations for Service. He has also been recognized by the Vietnam Veterans of America, Hispanic American Airborne Association, and Veterans of Foreign Wars.

For more information, visit https://sd32.senate.ca.gov/biography

About Whittier Voters Coalition
The Whittier Voters Coalition is a progressive, community-based group of Whittier residents dedicated to raising social, political, and environmental awareness in Whittier, increasing participation in local governance, and promoting representation that’s more responsive, inclusive, and diverse. Community-based organizations have united to form the Whittier Voters Coalition to support Whittier City Council reforms.

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