Mayawell is currently available in four flavors (PineApple Mango, Strawberry Ginger, Pear Lime, and newest flavor Raspberry Cucumber)


Oliver Shuttlesworth, Mayawell Co-Founder and CEO

Popular Beverage Brand Announces Two Million In Seed Funding Along With New Look and Growth Plan

Mayawell is a brand that was built to help people feel their best, with drinks that are not only delicious, but that also have undeniable health benefits. ”

— Oliver Shuttlesworth, Co- Founder & CEO

AUSTIN, TEXAS, UNITED STATES, May 5, 2021 / — Mayawell, the rapidly growing beverage start-up, looks to raise the bar on the prebiotic market. Co-founded in 2019 by socially conscious entrepreneurs Oliver Shuttlesworth and Vicente Reyes, the brand known for that good gut feeling is projecting to grow rapidly over the next five years. Mayawell is happy to announce that it has recently raised 2 million dollars through seed funding with mezcal leader CAGP (Casa Armando Guillermo Prieto) and will be introducing its first canned products this May amidst a robust regional expansion.

“Mayawell is a brand that was built to help people feel their best, with drinks that are not only delicious, but that also have undeniable health benefits. It’s such an exciting time for the brand and we’re looking forward to growing alongside our most loyal customers while giving new fans their very first taste.” – Oliver Shuttlesworth, Co- Founder & CEO

While only two years old and despite the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, Mayawell is thriving. The brand is seeing a current growth rate of 360% and is on track to grow 500-600% YoY. A recent 2 million worth of seed funding led by Mexico based mezcal leader CAGP will further aid in this growth. The company plans to increase distribution from Austin throughout the rest of Texas, along with adding Southern California, and Florida as key markets of interest. Expanding from a range of just 100 curated stockists to 1,000 plus stores by year end, which includes tentpoles like Whole Foods and Central Market. The brand will also introduce a new look and lower carbon footprint with canned products entering all these markets by early May.

The gut is critical to both overall health & well-being. Mayawell’s curated range of prebiotic sodas all feature organic, hand-harvested Active Agave™ shown to improve digestion, bolster the immune system and boost metabolism, while elevating mood and cognitive function. Using their Active Agave™, Mayawell has been shown to retain up to 60% of healthy gut bacteria and delivers 20% of the DRV of fiber in a single serving. Each 12 oz. serving has 40 or fewer calories and only four grams of natural sugar. Mayawell is also NSF Non-GMO Certified, Paleo-Friendly, and Vegan. The subtle sweetness provides guilt-free refreshment while prebiotic agavin delivers essential fermentable fiber.

Mayawell is currently available in three flavors (Pineapple Mango Tumeric: calling to mind delicious and refreshing tropical aguas frescas, while helping serve as an anti-inflammatory, Strawberry Hibiscus Ginger: an easy drinking blend of the three flavors that promotes improved cognitive function and digestion, and Pear Lime Green Tea: a wonderfully refreshing combo that provides anti-oxidants and boosts metabolism). In May, the company will introduce its fourth flavor: Raspberry Cucumber.

Mayawell co-founder Vicente Reyes has spent his entire career working with agave. He is a steward of the land and a champion for those cultivating this life-giving plant. Through his Hermano Maguey program, Mayawell supports indigenous communities by providing resources to help them grow, market, and reforest agave crops. Beyond that, Vicente has created a platform for the full-circle use of the plant, including the espadín fibers which are often discarded, but through his initiative are dried and re-purposed as fabric, creating a new opportunity for meaningful work and product commercialization for female artisans in local communities.

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