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We are making public relations easier for everyone”

— Ashley Harris, Gossip Depot spokesperson

ATLANTA, GA, UNITED STATES, March 23, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Gossip Depot, the site for online newsrooms that share knowledge, promote stories and create stars, today revealed the seven top problems it solves for journalists. These include making it easier to discover sources, search news archives and more. Gossip Depot is on track to reserve over 10 million newsrooms by its July 2021 launch date. Newsmakers are reserving their newsrooms now.

“We are making public relations easier for everyone,” explained a spokesperson for Gossip Depot. “We do this by giving corporate online newsrooms to everyday people to gather around shared stories, collaborate around knowledge and common objectives, and promote their goals to like-minded people and the media.”

The company improves the connection between journalists and young professionals who may have the potential to become media sources, e.g., business owners, community leaders, politicians, and communication departments. Gossip Depot also creates a media safe haven for journalists working in digital, print, broadcast, sports, and magazines to receive, edit, and publish breaking news stories to their newsrooms from anywhere in the world.

Gossip Depot follows national standards, such as those from the Society of Journalism, SEO Best Practices, and others. The site enables regular people, media, PR contacts, communication departments, and story tellers to interact with one another. As Gossip Depot continues to facilitate authentic engagements between media and storytellers the public trust in media will strengthen.

Each Gossip Depot newsroom features a clean, responsive design that gives journalists the ability to invite young professionals, media sources, and contacts to separate news desks. By gathering at news desks, journalists can take unstructured information, content, breaking news, and gossip and publish featured stories anytime, anywhere, easier than ever.

While the media works to regain public trust, Gossip Depot is developing tools to make the media professions less stressful and more efficient—defending against fake news, promoting ethical journalism, providing free access to research material, offering scholarships to new generation of journalists, and solving the top seven headaches that journalists experience:

1. Discover content and sources more easily—Gossip Depot features a News Stand with over 100+ RSS feeds, press releases, and shared stories from main streets around the world providing journalists with creditable, media-friendly material on demand, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. With direct access to the stories of everyday people, journalists can find alternative angles and authentic, prewritten stories.

2. Get all the information one needs—Online newsrooms provide journalists with statements directly from the source about relevant controversial issues that break in the news. Plus, to ensure information that reporters need is available, Gossip Depot will automatically archive and fill out PR Information as media sources voluntarily complete their profiles, company history, financials, bios of any executive team, and contact information.

3. Archived Coverage—In one central place, journalists can neatly organize and quickly find links to all of their past coverage material, including PR contacts, a downloadable press kit, media sources contacts, recent annual reports, case studies statements, and white papers.

4. User-Friendly and Easy to Use—Gossip Depot stores and exchanges communications, information, news, and stories from around the world. The site’s cutting edge news center aggregates unstructured gossip from a variety of sources and delivers it to journalists in easy to access information, knowledge, and data users can use to communicate, achieve, promote and collaborate around shared stories and goals.

5. User Resources—For users that want to skip the exploratory phase of Gossip Depot, Gossip Depot offers professional panels, conferences, white papers, and routinely publishes technical documents and additional resources to help users flatten the learning curve of their newsrooms.

6. Sharable Links—Press releases on Gossip Depot can include downloadable audio and video clips and links that can be shared to other journalists, news desks, social platforms, email, or in a text message.

7. Powerful Search Features—To make finding information even easier Gossip Depot offers powerful search engines that quickly deliver the answers that you want.

GossipDepot.com’s official launch date is July 3, 2021. Users can sign up for free now to reserve their newsroom names. To reserve a free newsroom name, click here.

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