Gentlemen for Hire; who are they?


The male escort industry is getting influence day by day and everyone in the UK and elsewhere is known by this term. In this article, we will answer some of the most asked questions from people unaware of this industry.


First, you should know who are they and what they do. A male escort is a gentleman who makes a living by being a perfect date, an outing partner, and a formal meeting partner, and so on. They are trained professionals, having great skills in communication, and providing a good company. They are the discreet partners that can fulfill all your intimate emotional needs.

Escorts are ordinary guys but with a dashing, attractive personality who know how to become a pleasing partner when you need them and vanish when you don’t.


Many people have this misconception in their mind that male escorts are some back-alley hookups, which is not true. Another thing is that not every woman hires these gentlemen for some casual physical encounter.

A lot of the woman out there are just looking for comfort and convenience from these male escorts and want to spend a night with. All they want is quality time and avoid any hassle or frustrating commitment that comes with a real romantic partner.

A lot of the times when real partners are unavailable or are not giving the attention you need, this is where a gentleman for hire service comes in handy.

There are many reasons why women hire these people like if you are going on some trip and you don’t have any companion with you, you want to attend a formal party and you don’t have any person that can formally meet everyone in the party with confidence or you are an independent woman want to fulfill your physical desires that you are lacking because of being single.

If you fall for any of these reasons or similar reasons then hiring a gentleman is what you should ask.


Male escorts can cover and help you get whatever you want from a partner. No matter what you want is an intimate and emotional desire or something simple like hanging out or spending some time to refresh your mind.

Male escorts are a great choice for one-time dates because they are trustworthy, professionals, secure to large social affairs and they are so caring and devoted that they can even share a dinner at home.

A gentleman can become whatever you want like they can be a simple date or a compassionate emotional companion. Sometimes, you may need a man’s shoulder to cry and talk to take out the burden over your shoulders.

Apart from the emotional things, they can become a partner dancing on the dance floor at a Saturday night club for you. They can do and become whatever your preference is. They have the perfect bodies (not do muscular and not thin) to show off on the dance floor. If you need anything like that a gentleman for hire service is definitely for you.


A lot of people have this question in mind. Yes, they are legit. Though male escorts have a poor reputation for being purveyors for perversions, however, in this field there are many platonic platforms and service providers that have a reputation in the industry and are legitimate. You can check male escort websites, choose a guy from a list, and see their previous work, reviews by other people, and their profile with their attributes before selecting.

Because of some unfortunate mishaps in the past, you should always choose a professional and reputable company or website to hire a male gentleman. Some of the independent male escorts advertise themselves on the internet, before you select any of them you should see their background and their history of work. If you still don’t get any idea about them don’t hire them it can be dangerous too.

Due to these issues, you should always choose a legit company like Male companion London, as they are known to provide the best and professional service regarding men for hire.

Confidential Clause

Most of the females are concerned about their privacy. These companies ensure that there is a contract or statement signed between both male escort and female clients ensuring that both of them will not leak any of the information. Male escorts make sure they don’t share any address, name, or any info related to the client.

On the other hand, male escorts have their personal lives too. Most of them do this as a part-time job while hiding their profiles from their daily lives. The female’s clients have to sign an agreement too that she’ll make sure that none of the information is out.

This way both the male escort and the female client will enjoy their time without any fear and feel secured about their privacy.

What It Takes to Be an Escort

Male escorts are hired by clients to accompany them anywhere the person wants. Perks of this job include the chance of visiting some of the best spots, going to some most exclusive events, and visiting the Caribbean on a whim.

In reality, not most of the male escorts look like Arnold or some Hollywood actors, although if they are they have a better chance of getting hired. Every client is different with different demands, some want a muscular guy to be their partner and some want to hire a soft, caring, and funny guy.

Most of the companies that provide male escort services usually hire men aged between 35-47 years but there are some of the agencies that prefer males aging 19-61 years. Every client has their requirements and these companies have to cover up all the needs to get the most out of their business.

Don’t just waste this weekend alone with some wine in hand, get yourself a partner from a legit company, and see what you’ve been missing all this time.