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JUPITER, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, April 15, 2021 / — Whether it’s a CEO or the head of a department within a large organization, leaders set the tone and the direction for success. The question is: can they make magic? Can they make things happen?

Gary Cohen is a certified executive and leadership coach and the founder of GAC Global Partners, where he specializes in unlocking the potential in leaders. For the past 15 years, he has worked with senior and c-suite executives from SMEs to Fortune 100 companies.

“Executive coaching and leadership coaching is transformational,” says Cohen, “and it’s incredibly fulfilling when you can help people transform to become much better versions of themselves.”

Prior to launching GAC Global Partners, Cohen led companies from the C-suite, but left his corporate career 15 years ago to pursue his burning passion to help others.

According to Cohen, the most overlooked population in organizations is middle management, even though they are the biggest population and the one that really drives the day-to-day business success from the front lines.

“I’ve coached many CEOs over the years, but the group that needs help the most is middle management,” says Cohen. “They’re typically the unhappiest population. They often feel overworked, underappreciated and stuck.”

Of course, most organizations are unlikely to dedicate the financial resources to invest in one-on-one executive coaching for all middle managers. It’s cost prohibitive. That’s why Cohen’s leadership development program called People2Profit™, is modeled as a course, with videos, exercises to more efficiently enhance the leadership skills of middle managers. Cohen also designed a similar program that targets individuals, called CareerSurge™.

Cohen is also firm believer in assessments. He’s certified in nine different psychometric assessments; the People2Profit™ leadership program is broken into six modules, including four assessments.

“I believe that executive coaches who don’t use assessments are not going to make the biggest impact they can make,” says Cohen. “Without assessments, we don’t know where people truly are in a way we can measure. We only have anecdotes based on powerful questions in a coaching session. I am data-driven and want to see metrics. I want to see where they really are when we begin an engagement.”

Once clients take full responsibility for where they are today and own their situation going forward, Cohen assesses their behavioral style, motivation, emotional intelligence and critical thinking skills. Then he and his clients develop a comprehensive, tangible transformation plan.

“We all need to develop leadership skills. It benefits us even if we’re not in a business environment,” says Cohen. “Leadership skills make you a better version of yourself. In business, this means improving skills in sales, negotiating contracts, and you will be a better boss, more productive and inspire your organization. It’s a game changer.”

Close Up Radio will feature Gary Cohen in interviews with Jim Masters on April 19th at 2pm EDT and with Doug Llewelyn on April 26th at 2pm EDT

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