French Laundry Makes the Front Cover of Hilarious New Book, “Cartoons Too Funny For The New Yorker”


Cartoons Too Funny for The New Yorker

Two cows describing hay in wine terms!

Aliens landing on Lady Gaga’s Roof

Not Just Wickedly Funny,” Says Professor, “But a Whopper Typo Will Have Californians Passing the Knee-slapping Book Around to Their Friends at Happy Hour.”

McGuire’s cartoons are too funny and edgy for The New Yorker Magazine”

— Scott Sklar, professor George Washington University

SAN FRANCISCO, CA, USA, May 3, 2021 / — Planning to visit a California Vineyard soon?

As of today, you’ll be joined by two aliens pitching their line of flying saucers to Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk while dining at The French Laundry.

Award-winning Washington, D.C. author, publisher and travel photographer has just published a hilarious book of “New Yorker Style’ cartoons, and picked his favorite cartoon to grace the cover of the book.

“McGuire’s cartoons are too funny and edgy for The New Yorker Magazine,” says Scott Sklar a George Washington University Professor who was raised in New York City, “hence the name of the book. Most magazine cartoons are ‘gag’ cartoons with a simple punch-line, whereas McGuire’s have overlapping layers of humor. The cartoon gracing the cover of this new book, for example, contains several different funny elements.

This book is a West Coast edition and an East Coast version will be available this week, too.

McGuire, who comes from a family of artists and architects, currently has 12 coffee table books in print but decided to expand into cartoons. “Many magazine cartoons are a bit sophomoric,” says McGuire, “So I like to weave in complexity by including current references to food, wine, travel, science, medicine, and cultural news, as well as notables like Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos, Lady Gaga and George Clooney. “In fact, he says, “spell check doesn’t always catch super modern words like bitcoin, blockchain, and dogecoin.”

“I love drawing aliens because, people are hard to draw and talking aliens are a juxtaposition between reality and non-reality adding more humor. My second favorite cartoon, perfect wall art for all vineyards and wineries shows two cows eating, hay and describing it in wine terms, i.e., ” this field of new mown hay is outstanding. It has the all the herbaceous character of Sauvignon Blanc…”

“All my cartoons are available as framed art for vineyard tasting rooms and as gifts for winemakers to give to their best clients. And, he says, “I can customize the cartoons by adding your vineyard’s name and varietals!”

McGuire points out an expression in the cartoon world, “It is not the ink, it is the think,” meaning no matter how well drawn the cartoon is, it needs to be funny! “And,” he says, “cartoons by nature are caricatures, so the drawing can be wildly out-side-the-box as long as they represent the characters.”

This East Coast Edition weaves in Eastern Seaboard references like New England prep schools, Martha’s Vineyard, Central Park, Cape Cod & clam chowder. The West Coast Edition does the same for Celebrities, Hollywood, Wine Country, and the French Laundry.

Now, see if you can spot the typo, caused by predictive text and not caught by spell-check. In the book’s introduction McGuire explains why he doesn’t do political cartoons: “I don’t produce political cartoons as most politicians, like the late Donald Trump, create their own outsized caricatures by their own sheer buffoonery.”

“It has gone to press so I can’t change it,” says McGuire, “Besides Trump is always ‘late’ for anything noble: civility, dignity, grace, honor, kindness, etc.”

The book is available on Amazon at:

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Note to editors, blogs, and feature writers: Feel free to use the book cover and cartoons for your stories. McGuire can promptly send you the first 12 pages as a PDF so you can quickly get the flavor of the book! And he is available for phone interviews.

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