Freedom Coach Gina Gayle Gray of Anywhere Mind Body & Soul to be Featured on Close Up Radio


GRAPEVINE, TEXAS, UNITED STATES, March 30, 2021 / — In order to shine brightly, we must be able to believe in our True Highest Self—and most people need help remembering who we are at our very Source.

There are people who can guide others on a transformational journey to a life without restrictions. Gina Gayle Gray is one such person. Gina is a Freedom Coach and the founder of Anywhere Mind Body & Soul.

“As a Freedom Coach, I guide my clients by shining the light for them and leading them on a journey back to their own personal power and inner wisdom,” says Gina. “In this place, they can transform overwhelmed states such as feeling lost, trapped, or empty into states of balance, composure, and vitality. I believe everybody has their own best resources right inside of them. My goal is to guide them back to their True Highest Self, which is deep inside.”

To experience complete wholistic health and well-being, an understanding of the interrelation of all the body systems is necessary. Gina’s program integrates wholistic modalities to work with each of the parts—Mind, Body & Soul—to create balance, repair and energize each one, while being mindful of the interconnectedness of each of these systems.

She teaches her clients how to take responsibility for their own well-being by stepping inside their own Mind, Body & Soul to know what is needed to live fully in balance and freedom.

Gina uses Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) processes to help clients find answers and create solutions by re-programming any ways of thinking that may not be serving their Highest Self. Gina also teaches wholistic nutrition, pranayama, and a “yogic lifestyle” to help people learn to honor their bodies and take back their own health care.

Finally, Gina uses an energy-shifting and balancing modality known as The Emotion Code. With this process, Gina is able to identify and remove negative energies in the form of trapped emotions from a person’s emotional body. The process is a simple and powerful way to find and release these trapped energies, which then results in astonishing improvements in emotional wellness and physical wellness, too.

“My philosophy is to start with every client right where they are because change can begin at any time,” says Gina. “I give my clients the tools and show them how to fix themselves, because that’s true empowerment.

“It’s always possible to take care of yourself anywhere—no excuses,” says Gina. “And you must. It’s time to realize the importance of not only surviving but shining. In order to shine brightly, we must be able to believe in our True Highest Self. I’m here to help others remember who they are at their very Source.”

Close Up Radio will feature Gina Gayle Gray in an interview with Doug Llewelyn on April 1st at 4pm EST

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