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Frank D’Andrea Lakeside Swimming Pool Talks About How Pools Can Increase Property Values

NORTH KINGSTOWN, RI, UNITED STATES , April 8, 2021 / — Wondering how a pool might impact your property’s value? The experts at Frank D’Andrea Lakeside Swimming Pool are going to share their insights.
Pools offer an excellent way to get exercise and to stay cool during the hot months of summer. Pools are also an investment, but the right one can increase your property’s value. The experts at Frank D’Andrea Lakeside Swimming Pool are going to offer some insights into how a pool can add to your property value.
“Pools require an investment on your part,” a spokesperson for Frank D’Andrea Lakeside Swimming Pool says. “That said, various studies find that pools can increase property values from between 5 and 8 percent. This is no small chunk of change.”

Keep in mind that you also get to enjoy your pool before you sell your home. You can get several years of fun and exercise out of your pool, and then, when you go to sell your home, you may enjoy extra money as well. It might be overstating it to say that you’ll get paid to swim, but it’s not much of an overstatement.

Many future home buyers will recognize that installing a pool requires an investment. If a home buyer wants a pool, and it’s not already on-site, they can opt to install one, but that costs money. If a pool is already on site, a home buyer won’t have to worry about paying to have it installed, although they may have to pay more for the property (which is great for you, the seller!)

On top of that, installing a pool requires time. Expert pool companies, like Frank D’Andrea Lakeside Swimming Pool, minimize disruptions and work to install pools quickly. That said, installing an in-ground pool may take 8 to 12 weeks. During this time, you won’t be able to use the pool, and construction may prove disruptive.

Frank D’Andrea Lakeside Swimming Pool Covers The Importance of Getting The Right Pool Installed

That said, only high-quality, well-maintained pools add to property value. If the pool you install is low in quality and starts to break down after a few years, it could actually detract from the value of your home. Potential home buyers may have to pay to uninstall the pool, and then if they want a pool, they’ll have to pay again to have the right one installed.

That’s why it’s smart to get the right pool installed from the get-go. An expertly installed pool will last for many years and require minimal maintenance, assuming the right pool filtration systems and automated water monitoring units are put in place.
“Pools are great, but make sure you get the right pool installed,” a spokesperson from Frank D’Andrea Lakeside Swimming Pool suggests, adding that “a low-quality pool can cause a lot of headaches.”

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