Flick Fusion Adds New Features to StreaMe Live Video Calling Application


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Personal URL Links and Conferencing Features are Designed to Boost Customer Response Rates and Close More Sales

Based on customer feedback, we’ve added these new features to further enhance the app’s ability to engage and connect with more customers”

— Tim James, COO, FlickFusion

URBANDALE, IA, UNITED STATES, March 23, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Two new features in Flick Fusion’s StreaMe live video calling application are designed to boost customer response rates, increase the number of customer conversations and make it easier for sales and service teams to close more sales.

“StreaMe is quickly becoming the auto industry’s preferred app for video calls, because it utilizes WebRTC technology that enables any person on any device to instantly connect live with dealership employees,” said Tim James, COO of FlickFusion. “Based on customer feedback, we’ve added these new features to further enhance the app’s ability to engage and connect with more customers.”

With StreaMe, a car shopper can easily initiate a live video call right from the dealer’s website or Vehicles Details Pages (VDPs), simply by clicking on an embedded video call button. The customer is instantly connected with a dealership team member in a round robin system, regardless of the device or platform the customer is calling on, and no special apps or downloads are required.

The first new feature in StreaMe allows dealership employees to text or email customers a personal URL link that can be used to initiate a live video call with the employee who sent the link. When the customer clicks on the URL link, a one-way video call is instantly established, where the customer can see and hear the employee but the employee can only hear the customer. If the customer desires a two-way call, they can easily activate their camera so that both parties are live streaming their video. The ability to text and email customers a personal URL link increases response rates while ensuring your sales and service staff that their customers and leads won’t engage with someone else at the dealership who isn’t familiar with them. The personal URL also allows for more detailed tracking of each individual who has been sent the link.

The second new feature in StreaMe is a conferencing feature that allows dealership employees to add a third person to an active video call. This feature will be helpful in many cases when additional expertise or an approval is needed. For example, let’s say a customer video calls a salesperson and asks for a video vehicle walkaround. After the vehicle walkaround is finished, the customer asks for a trade-in appraisal. The salesperson can instantly add the used car manager to the video call while the customer does a vehicle walkaround on their own vehicle, so an estimate can immediately be provided.

In the service department, when an advisor sends a service recommendation to a customer, that customer often has questions or needs visual proof to feel comfortable approving the repair. With StreaMe’s new features, the service advisor can first text the customer a URL link and ask them to establish a live video call at their convenience. When the customer calls, the service advisor can add the technician to the call to explain the repair or show the worn part, thus increasing service recommendation approvals.

“I predict the conferencing feature will be the greatest feature you’ll never use,” said James. “I know that sounds strange, but the main reason most additional repairs aren’t authorized is that the consumer doesn’t understand what the repair is or why it is needed. They think you are just trying to squeeze some extra money out them. Offering the consumer the opportunity to Live Stream with their mechanic first hand, see why the repair is needed, and ask any questions that they have demonstrates complete trust and transparency. In many cases the service customer will just go ahead and authorize the additional repairs without taking you up on your offer to Live Stream, just because your team has the confidence to offer the customer this level of visibility. That is why it’s the greatest feature you’ll never use.”

Additionally, with CRM integration, all StreaMe video calls can be captured and stored in a dealership’s CRM, eliminating any “he said, she said” scenarios, and providing sales and training managers with access to every video call exchange.

To see a short demo of StreaMe, click here.

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