Flare Audio launches new edition Sleeep, bringing style and substance to the world of sleeping earplugs


New Sleeep Pro Dual (titanium), from Flare Audio

Sleeep Aluminium Dual, from Flare Audio

Style & substance, the new Sleeep Pro Dual earplug

Using metal components and a unique design, Sleeep is Flare’s most effective, stress busting earplug to date.

Lack of sleep causes stress. Stress causes health issues. Our new look Sleeep is the culmination of many years’ hard work and product development.”

— Davies Roberts, CEO and inventor at Flare Audio

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM, May 5, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Flare Audio has launched its most effective sleeping earplug yet. Available from today, the company has spent five years honing and perfecting the design of its flagship earplug, culminating in the new-look Sleeep®. With lack of sleep being a large contributor to stress and health issues, Flare is hoping to help boost the nation’s health with this latest edition to its range.

Lightweight, discreet, and supremely comfortable, Sleeep uses spheres of super-soft memory foam fitted around an engineered metal body to fit perfectly into the wearer’s ear canal. The Sussex-based innovator has further perfected its technology to ensure that Sleeep adapts to all sizes and shapes of ear, so that unwanted sound is blocked and reflected away from the wearer.

The earplug comes in two varieties, Sleeep Pro Dual and Sleeep Aluminium Dual, offering different levels of look and finish. Sleeep Aluminium Dual is contemporary and refined, showcasing precision-turned aerospace aluminium, for those who want to combine a stylish material with a lightweight and durable finish. Sleeep Pro Dual is the premium choice for those who want something a little bit extra from their earplugs. Precision turned from Grade 5 titanium, it has a pin-point centre for minimal interference and a luxurious look.

Both products come with standard and large replaceable tips featuring Flare’s upgraded hypoallergenic Earfoams®. Designed with a hygienic, smooth surface, the memory foam tips work by blocking the small gaps in the ear canal, which traditional tapered earplugs leave behind. Its slow ‘rebound’ allows the user to adjust the earplugs and achieve a snug fit. Two memory foam tips (one on each end) provide extra comfort. While one end creates a prefect seal, the other is used to provide a soft cushion against your ear. This is particularly useful when sleeping on your side or to secure the earplugs by tucking them into your outer ear.

“Lack of sleep causes stress. Stress causes health issues,” says Davies Roberts, CEO and inventor at Flare Audio. “Since we launched our first daytime ear protector campaign five years ago, we realised there wasn’t a truly comfortable, simple and effective earplug solution out there for sleeping. Our new Sleeep is the culmination of many years’ hard work and product development in response to customer feedback.”

Sleeep is ideal for light sleepers, travellers, urban dwellers, those with snoring partners, shift workers, and anyone who needs to block out unwanted noise.

Sleeep Pro Dual and Sleeep Aluminium Dual are available to buy from www.flareaudio.com, priced £29.99 and £19.99, respectively.

COMING SOON: New editions
Sleeep Clear Dual, and Sleeep Clear Single, in a transparent lightweight, durable polycarbonate are scheduled for launch at the end of May 2021.

What makes Sleeep different to other earplugs?
• Unique to Flare, metal is used for a distinct and stylish finish
• The result of 5 years of product development, listening to customers and extensive testing, to ensure ultimate comfort and effectiveness
• Flares bespoke Earfoams® tips feature a unique shape, smooth surface and slow rebound time for extra comfort and isolation
• 100% recyclable packaging

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