Finesse Group Launched to Transform Businesses from Communications to Customer Care

Jo Caruana, the Founder & CEO of Finesse Group, is also a StoryBrand Certified Guide and Business Etiquette Consultant

Jo Caruana, the Founder & CEO of Finesse Group, is also a StoryBrand Certified Guide and Business Etiquette Consultant

Dedicated to improving your customer’s journey, the Group specialises in PR, content curation, messaging, business etiquette, mystery shopping & customer care.

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM, April 14, 2021 / — Companies keen to finesse their business can now entrust every aspect of their client-facing journey to one organisation specialised in user journey development and business etiquette: the Finesse Group.

The Group, which launched last month, is the brainchild of entrepreneur, PR consultant and StoryBrand Certified Guide, Jo Caruana. Following a comprehensive restructuring process, the Group unites specialised business expertise via its five arms, namely Finesse Consulta, Finesse Content & Digital, Finesse Learning, Finesse Media and Finesse PR & Events.

“Every business wants their customers to experience them at their best – yet they can’t possibly have eyes and ears everywhere at all times to ensure it,” explains Ms Caruana, Finesse Group’s founder and CEO. “This is where we come in. Each part of our organisation is dedicated to finessing a different aspect of a business. Our holistic range of services includes mystery shopping and market research, client journey consultancy, team training, communications strategy, targeted PR and digital marketing campaigns. We believe clients deserve to be delighted, so we finesse every aspect of their journey to ensure nothing is left to chance.”

While Finesse Consulta and Finesse Content & Digital – previously WriteMeAnything – continue to pioneer the world of business etiquette and communications, as part of Finesse Group three new service areas join them to offer a comprehensive in-house range of expertise.

Finesse PR & Events elevates a company’s marketing campaigns to ensure that its message and story are both clear and visible to its target audience. Finesse Media helps create an effective brand by taking a content idea and turning it into a deliverable product across magazines, blogs, digital platforms, books, video or podcasts. Meanwhile, Finesse Learning completes the Group’s service areas by offering expert-led online education and guidance on personal brand development.

After training in journalism in Edinburgh, Ms Caruana returned to Malta to launch WriteMeAnything in 2006, followed by Finesse Consulta in 2014. The challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020 catalysed the creation of the Finesse Group via a restructuring exercise that, with the guidance of leading global business coaches, strengthened the team and developed the Group’s specific service areas. Today, the female-led and female-operated Group has clients all over the world and across various sectors, including hospitality, luxury, SaaS, SwaS, culture and real estate.

“The pandemic has broken down barriers when it comes to where companies can operate. With a wealth of global opportunities available, businesses can now play anywhere – but they also have to play harder. In fact, the increasingly competitive nature of business going forward means your customers will have to be delighted if you want them to choose you,” Ms Caruana asserts.

“Beyond that, and aside from the challenges and opportunities presented by the pandemic, our world has become increasingly digital, with the customer journey set to be transformed in the coming years as AI becomes a bigger part of our daily life. The human aspects of our customer interaction will become more important than ever – and it is here that Finesse Group can step in. We guide companies in finessing their business to serve their customers best and achieve more success.”

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