Fernando Tatis is Defecating on Baseball’s ‘Unwritten Rules’ and it’s Spectacular


The custom of baseball, after some manager bitches about unwritten rules that he very well may have made up, is that everyone wants the whole conflict to go away as quickly as possible. You’ll hear some pregame quotes about going overboard or respecting the opponent or some other boilerplate horseshit. Luckily, Fernando Tatis Jr. is not here for horseshit. So the day after Rangers manager Chris Woodward filled his pants about Tatis swinging at a 3-0 pitch with the Padres having a big lead, he did this with the Padres up a touchdown.https://deadspin.com/ajax/inset/iframe?id=twitter-1295897836429729796&autosize=1

This is pure. It’s pure taking the unwritten rules and using them in the fashion of toilet paper. It’s a middle finger to the traditions of baseball no one with a brain is beholden to anymore. Fernando Tatis is anarchy, he’s revolution, he’s punk rock, and he’s taking baseball with him. Outfuckingstanding.

-Returning to baseball dumbness, Nick Markakis — who originally opted out of the season but opted back in after seeing his teammates on TV — has to be held out of baseball now because he’s been exposed to COVID-19. Which is the exact reason he didn’t want to play in the first place. The snake has eaten its own tail and thrown it up all at the same time.

The NBA Playoffs rolled on, with both No. 1 seeds laying an egg in their respective Game 1s. The Bucks were never in it against the Magic, with Nikola Vucevic going for 35 as the Bucks went cold from deep.