FCR Collection Services Chooses Intelligent Contacts to Provide Consumer-First Omnichannel Communication Platform


FCR Collection Services Choose Intelligent Contacts as Unified Communications Provider

Intelligent Contacts is an industry leader in compliant, consumer-focused, accounts receivables communication and payment technology.

FCR Collection Services delivers first-class collections

Strategic partnership will add the ARM industry’s most advanced digital communication platform to fast-growing financial services provider.

Our team hasn’t missed a beat since transitioning to remote due to Covid. Utilizing AI and machine learning to analyze each call automatically gives us a level of transparency we didn’t have before.”

— Michelle Kelley, Chief Operating Officer

FOOTHILL RANCH, CALIFORNIA, USA, May 6, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — FCR Collection Services, a trusted provider of accounts receivable services for businesses of any size, educational institutions, medical, the government and auto industries, has chosen Intelligent Contacts to provide its growing business with enterprise-level communication software.

Founded in 2001 and headquartered in Foothill Ranch, CA, FCR Collection Services has been steadfast in its commitment to delivering cost effective, ethical, reliable, and high-quality collection services to its clients. The partnership with Intelligent Contacts will add some of the financial services industry’s most innovative digital communication technology to an organization that already boasts unmatched customer service and recovery rates significantly higher than the industry average.

“We were looking for a technology partner who understood our industry and how automation and big data could be used to deliver even better results for our clients,” said Christi Flanigan, President & CFO of FCR Collection Services. “Intelligent Contacts had the features we were looking for and offered real-time integration with the system of record we’ll be moving to this year.”

In addition to FCR Collection Services, Flanigan is also CEO of FEDChex, which provides check verification, ACH services, and remote deposit capture payment services to merchants and corporations across the nation. With that strong technology background, Flanigan and her team built much of the software it uses today themselves. However, the time and expense of maintaining its own technology on top of a growing and successful collections operations, led FCR to look to the marketplace.

“There comes a point when the cost to maintain your own software outweighs the overall benefit,” said Flanigan. “We realized we had reached that point and began a search that led to partnering with Interprose and Intelligent Contacts.”

By adding Intelligent Contacts’ cloud-based contact center platform, FCR Collection Services will be able to automate most of the manual tasks it has today. The lynchpin to this automation is Intelligent Contacts’ universal API and native integration within Interprose, a leading web-based collection software provider.

“Having our core systems talking to each other is a gamechanger,” said Chief Operating Officer Michelle Kelley. Kelley, who will be at the helm of FCR’s transition and implementation team, is looking forward to working with her collection managers to train the agents on the software. One of the features she is most excited about is the platform’s built-in Intelligent Analytics solution. This built-in feature uses AI and machine learning to analyze all the conversations going on in the contact center and score each call based on performance, compliance, and customer satisfaction.

“Our team is amazing, and they haven’t missed a beat since transitioning to remote working due to Covid,” said Kelley. “Utilizing AI and machine learning to analyze and score each call automatically gives us a level of transparency and actionable information we didn’t have before.”
FCR Collection Services provides an invaluable service to colleges and universities by helping campus bookstores recover lost revenue from unreturned book rentals. Without AR partners like FCR, university bookstores would be forced to offset losses by charging more. However, FCR is one of the few accounts receivable companies willing to collect on smaller balances.

“A balance of $20 might not seem like a lot, but when you’re talking 1000s of these smaller balances, it can really have a major impact on these independently owned and managed bookstores, said Flanigan. “At the same time, our focus is customer service, so we want to work with those who owe these balances. Many of them are still students or recent graduates.”
Collecting on smaller balances also stresses the importance of using technology to optimize and automate every step of the collection process. Having real-time integrations between its communication and business management software will allow FCR to take a data-driven approach to day-to-day operations.

“We haven’t had the opportunity to really look at our own data, analyze it, and find out what we could be doing better very easily,” said Flanigan. “What’s working that we should focus on more? Who are we calling today that would respond better to an email or text? Those are questions I’m excited to see answered.”

“Christi, Michelle, along with CEO Rodney Davis, have been incredible to work with and they’ve made this entire process easy,” said Ed Ujcich, senior account executive at Intelligent Contacts. “Their business is growing and expanding into other markets, and I know with these new tools, the sky’s the limit.”

FCR Collection Services has established itself as one of the leading contenders in today’s collections industry by placing our focus on the needs of our clients and developing the tools and tactics to best assist them with the recovery of outstanding debt. Our customer service approach has enabled FCR Collection Services to not only boost recovery rates but also improve the overall customer experience when resolving their debt.
If you would like more information about FCR Collection Services, please contact Bryan Dube, EVP Business Development, at 877-646-6136 or via email at bdube@fedchex.com


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