EU Bunker Mentality Sends Ominous Omen Regarding The Challenge of Erdogan


Representatives of human rights and community organisations outside the EEAS building, Brussels

Two page letter sent to EU High Representative Josep Borrell, March 23 2021.

“Erdogan’s aggressions present a clear and direct threat to the peace, security, and wellbeing of European citizens. “

Human rights and community organisations cold-shouldered by EEAS Eurocrats – “disrespectful to victims of Erdogan’s aggressions” says spokesman

The refusal of EEAS officials to receive a letter on behalf of victims of Erdogan’s aggressions is disrespectful to say the least, and symptomatic of a lack of moral compass and decent values.”

— Chris Wilson

BRUSSELS, BELGIUM, March 25, 2021 / — The European Council (heads of the EU’s 27 member states) has consistently stood by and done nothing to help:

– ethnically cleansed Armenians
– liquidated Kurds
– eliminated Yazidis
– uprooted Assyrians
– violated Aramean Christians
– threatened Greeks
– illegally occupied Cypriots
– jailed journalists
– oppressed democratic politicians
– arrested human rights activists
– assaulted, raped and murdered women

so why should anyone be surprised that yesterday no eurocrat bothered themselves to come in person and meet representatives from a coalition of 30 human rights and community organisations to receive, on behalf of these victims, our letter to ‘High Representative’ Josep Borrell pressing him to take strong action against Erdogan’s cruel Turkish regime.

We had been led to believe that, given the seriousness of Erdogan’s threat to our peace and security, an appropriate person would have the decency to respect the ordinary people whom we represent. But Mr Matus Hutka did not appear, despite many phone calls and emails.

But we seem to count for nothing in the minds of unelected, unaccountable post holders who enjoy grand titles, generous salaries, but demonstrate little concern for the “European values” they are meant to defend.

They know that they are untouchable, safe in their bunker, unlike the persecuted and suffering victims of Erdogan’s aggressions.

So we expect yet another capitulation tomorrow when our European leaders inevitably talk (moderately) tough but do nothing.

They think that the more like sheep they behave, the less like a wolf Erdogan will behave.

The opposite is true.

Chris Wilson
Stop Erdogan Now
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