eRENEWABLE Announces Strategic Partnership with Energy Software Innovator Intelometry, Inc.


The Renewable Tech Startup lands a pivotal partner in Intelometry to continue its push to modernize the PPA/VPPA space.

This was never about raising money, this was about finding a strategic partner that fits well with us.”

— Mike Nemer

HOUSTON, TEXAS, USA, April 27, 2021 / — Intelometry, Inc., a market-leader in energy software, and provider of data and consulting services, confirmed its commitment to renewable energy by announcing it has invested in eRENEWABLE LLC., a renewable energy technology and services company. While the terms of the deal were not disclosed, with the move, Intelometry affirms its place in both the retail and renewable spaces and eRENEWABLE continues its push to modernize and expedite the PPA and VPPA processes with the help of its new partner.

The two companies will begin work this week on identifying upcoming projects and merging marketing and technology strategies in the renewable markets. They will each retain their respective web sites and contact information which can be found below.
Jeff Merola, Executive Vice-President and Co-Founder of Intelometry, and Mike Nemer, Founder and CEO of eRENEWABLE, initally announced the move April 23 in an interview on “The Green Insider” Podcast.

“When we started to talking to Mike late last year and he was explaining the eRENEWABLE model, it was really addressing a lot of the core issues that are fundamental to really making the renewable markets work,” said Merola, who added this is the first investment of its kind for the now 18-year old Intelometry.

Nemer, a 40-year veteran of the energy market as a broker and trader, started eRENEWABLE in early 2020 and realized in the preliminary discussions with Intelometry that they were an ideal partner for both revenue growth and prouct innovation.

“This was never about raising money,” Nemer said, “this was about finding a strategic partner that fits well with us. What stood out most (about Intelometry) was their knowledge base of the customers we want to have. They have the knowledge to help us be more successful and know what it takes to get a deal done.”

About Intelometry
Intelometry, Inc. enables the energy transition by providing retail energy markets with comprehensive software, market data and consulting services for energy suppliers, large consumers, investment banks, renewable developers, regulators and government agencies.

eRENEWABLE LLC. brings best-in-class auction technology to the renewable space to expedite and modernize the VPPA, PPA and battery storage spaces while providing our customers with competitive, real-time pricing. We also feature a global Renewable Services network that can provide your company with a holistic, clean energy approach that is honest, affordable, provides a solid ROI and most importantly – helps the planet.

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