Edneil Bonet Wheels Out 7 Road Trip Tips To Keep You Safe During COVID-19

Edneil Bonet

Edneil Bonet

Edneil Bonet

Edneil Bonet

Edneil Bonet

Edneil Bonet

Edneil Bonet: Road Trip Tips To Keep You Safe During COVID-19

MIAMI , FLORIDA, UNITED STATES , March 29, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Quarantine left many stuck at home spinning their wheels. It’s time to hit the pavement again.

In a year when time seemed to stand still, travelers turned back the clock. They went retro. The pandemic ushered in the re-birth of the road trip.
Avoiding public transportation and flights minimized exposure. Car travel took the “bubble” on the road. It felt safe. A U.S. Travel Association survey reported that 68 percent of people feel most secure by riding in their personal vehicles.

But, car travel doesn’t come without risks. With more than 14 years of experience, professional driver Edneil Bonet knows this better than most. Safety-conscious for his entire career, he lays out his seven road trip rules to keep you and your family protected.

Know your route

The days to be spontaneous are gone. Don’t just hop in the car and go. Plan ahead. Sites and attractions may be closed or have restrictions. Map out gas stations and restaurants to limit the number of stops you’ll need to make. These cut down on potential exposure. Restrooms may be closed, so take the opportunity when you can.

Prep your car

Before you make a break for it, check your brakes. Also, check fluids, oils and wipers. Edneil Bonet also stocks emergency and first-aid kits. Take these precautions to prevent being stranded or having unintended contact with others. The last thing you want is a problem derailing your plans.

Choose your mask wisely

This is no time for a fashion statement. Like always, be picky about your mask. Function is most important. Select a covering that will keep you safe. Cotton masks are most effective. Avoid gaiter or bandanas, which offer little protection.

Pack beyond the essentials

A mask in a no-brainer. But, it isn’t the only supplies you’ll need. Hand sanitizer is also a must. Find a product with at least 60 percent alcohol. Your luggage may be over-stuffed already, but save room for snacks and bottled water. Limit unwanted detours. As a general rule, pack for two extra days.

Edneil Bonet doesn’t touch anything

Try to keep your hands to yourself, especially when you do have to take a break. When you do, wash your hands thoroughly for 20 seconds once finished inside a restroom or building. Then, sanitize before touching keys or the car door.

Choose hotel wisely

Book a room with outdoor access when possible. Ask questions about when the room’s been sanitized and for how long. Over 24 hours is preferred. Edneil Bonet wipes down handles, light switches, remotes and bathroom fixtures upon arrival. Being proactive will turn any stay into suite of dreams.

Explore the outdoors

Other than inside your car, there’s no safer place than outdoors. Explore nature by finding destinations where it’s easier to keep socially-distanced.

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