Eco-conscious Education Embraced at César Ritz Colleges Switzerland – Le Bouveret


César Ritz Colleges Switzerland – Le Bouveret Campus

For Le Bouveret Campus, education is the primary tool used to raise environmental awareness about sustainability practices and topics amongst students.

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, April 23, 2021 / — Green Globe recently certified César Ritz Colleges Switzerland – Le Bouveret Campus, a Culinary and Hospitality College, for the first time.

For Le Bouveret Campus, education is the primary tool used to raise environmental awareness about sustainability practices and topics amongst students. Sustainability initiatives include academic courses that address green issues, support for the ethical handling of live seafood and the conversion of food waste into biofuel. The college also encourages students to follow a sustainable lifestyle outside of their general studies or the workplace.

Green Housekeeping
Specific academic courses at the college promote sustainable operations in hospitality settings. As part of the college’s Science for Sustainable Hospitality and Tourism course, students visit a local family-run soap manufacturer in neighbouring France where they gain an insight into traditional methods and ingredients used in making an eco-friendly cleaning product. The soap is 100% natural and chemical free.

A Green Housekeeping Project led by environmental scientist Tania Thompson, has also been designed to train future hospitality leaders. This is an important program as students can observe the effects of different cleaning products (both natural and chemical) on the environment and people’s health.

On a business level, students explore microeconomics by creating a presentation on companies that are taking advantage of and leveraging business opportunities based on circular economic principles.

Ethical Seafood Practices
César Ritz Colleges are very much focused on the culinary arts. In response to new Swiss laws introduced in 2018, training kitchens at Le Bouveret campus now only use lobsters that are stored in a natural environment and are stunned before being cooked. Keeping up to date with the latest ethical practices in regard to seafood handling helps equip students with knowledge to predict other food trends in future.

“As educators, we have a responsibility to inform and discuss changes in regulations, but more importantly we must always be in search of ways of delivering high quality food while being respectful of the life and death of the animals we eat,” said Tajna Florenthal, Academic Director at César Ritz Colleges Switzerland.

Recycling Initiatives at Le Bouveret Campus
The college adheres to a Sustainability Management Plan (SMP) that includes implementation of a comprehensive waste management cycle to better plan and reduce waste. The current global pandemic has accelerated consumption of food and single use packaging worldwide. It was interesting to note that general waste volume also increased significantly on Le Bouveret campus even though all theory courses are delivered online. To address waste management practices more effectively, current communication campaigns target overall waste, both food waste and general waste. In cafeterias, food is separated from other garbage and all food waste is collected by an external supplier that converts it into biofuel.

In addition, students are also encouraged to pursue a zero-waste lifestyle with green living tips promoted on the college website. Information on topics such as eliminating plastics and disposable packaging in daily life helps foster environmentally responsible actions by the young people attending classes.

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