Dubai – Procurement as a Service: A structural evolution in supply chain management


DUBAI, UNITED ARAB EMIRATES, May 7, 2021 / — CoProvider, a leading B2B marketplace based in Dubai, has released it’s white paper entitled: Procurement as a Service: A structural evolution in supply chain management. The white paper was created using both primary and secondary market research, including interviews with leading Supply Chain management professionals in the region.

The Covid-19 pandemic has necessitated digital transformation of supply chains. Whereas digital transformation was once part of a 5 year strategy as a ‘nice to have’ it is now a necessity. As many companies embark in supply chain transformation and digitization, a gap has begun to emerge: Non-strategic spend. Whilst non-strategic spend represents a small fraction of the actual spend of many organisations, it often represents the majority of actual RFQs and purchases the company makes. The workload that this imparts onto already stretched procurement and supply chain teams leads to ineffective decision making, poor contract management and sub-optimal deals.

Enter PaaS. The PaaS model enables companies to variablize the costs and responsibilities associated with managing non-strategic spend. A PaaS specialist is CIPS qualified and works on a freelance basis with different compensation models. In all cases, the company is able to reduce the workload of internal teams as well as often get better deals, more robust contracts and more stable supply of non-strategic items by using the PaaS model.

This white paper explores the origins of PaaS and how companies can deploy PaaS in their organisations. It can be downloaded for free from the CoProvider website. | | |

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