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PHILADELPHIA, PENNSYLVANIA, UNITED STATES, May 3, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Wellness isn’t just a state of mind, it’s a mindset and lifestyle of being well. It’s about balancing eating with not eating, activity with rest, and stress with mindful awareness.

Dr. Sy Powell is a nutrition coach and the founder of Balance to Bloom, where she empowers women to achieve vibrant health.

Prior to launching Balance to Bloom, Dr. Powell had been a traditional gynecologist struggling with her own health issues, when she realized that she could no longer look to conventional medicine for help.

“It was an awakening,” recalls Dr. Powell. “I realized that medicine as it is practiced today is broken, It changed from a service to an industrial complex. People need support and guidance to make significant changes to their behavior and habits, but it was always about profit. We are not addressing the root cause of the problems, just treating symptoms. I couldn’t do that anymore, so I went rogue.”

That’s when Dr. Powell discovered Functional Medicine. Functional Medicine separates acute care issues from chronic diseases that plague the majority of the population, like obesity, hypertension, diabetes. It looks for the cause of diseases and allows the body to use its own natural, innate ability to heal. Today, Dr. Powell is a conventional medicine doctor second and a functional medicine doctor first.

“In medical school, nutrition is not treated as the cornerstone of health that it is,” says Dr. Powell. “Most doctors only have an elementary knowledge of nutrition. My understanding now is that food is medicine.”

Indeed, digestive health is health: what we put into our body determines our experience. When it comes to interventions to improve our health, they must be customized to each person’s unique needs. Our body is not a bank; it’s a complex chemistry lab. All calories don’t elicit the same hormonal response.

“Food is information,” explains Dr. Powell. “Our genetic disposition is the loaded gun, but our diet and lifestyle habits pull the trigger. The modernization of food availability has made us constant eaters, and we are obese because we are primarily eating processed foods filled with chemicals and unpronounceable preservatives. You don’t need that in your body. It’s just not healthy.”

Of course, health isn’t just about the physical body. It’s about body, mind, and spirit. Through a 12-week Conscious Eating4 Well Being program, Dr. Powell helps her clients understand the disempowering beliefs that keep them stuck. Together, Dr. Powell and her clients create goals to overcome their health challenges.

“When I ask my patients, ‘How are you managing your stress? How much sleep are you getting?’ they look at me like no one has ever talked to them like this before,” says Dr. Powell. “We have to change how we nourish our bodies.”

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