Dr. Edward Ridgill to Tour HBCUs with Stunning Pictorial Tour of the Universe


Dr. Ridgill plans presentations to Howard University, Spelman College, and Florida A&M.

WESTLAKE VILLAGE, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, May 4, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Medical doctor, author, and astronomer, Dr. Edward Ridgill, is pleased to announce his upcoming lecture tour of the historically black colleges (HBCUs) in the fall of 2021. Dr. Ridgill plans presentations to the academic communities of Florida A&M and other HBCUs.

Born and raised in south-central Los Angeles, Edward Ridgill is a retired internal medicine and urgent care doctor, practicing for 40 years. Dr. Ridgill studied microbiology at the University of Washington in Seattle and went on to attain a medical degree from Creighton University in Omaha, Nebraska in 1978. Dr. Ridgill continued on to complete an internship in internal medicine at Creighton before moving on to complete an internal medicine residency at King/Drew Medical Center in South Central Los Angeles in 1981. From there, Dr. Ridgill was appointed to the position of medical director of the department of physical medicine and rehabilitation at White Memorial Medical Center, in Los Angeles that same year.

In Dr. Edward Ridgill’s most updated news, he will be providing a highly anticipated lecture tour of HBCUs, starting in September 2021. The lecture series will include the latest, most vivid NASA images of the solar system, the Milky Way Galaxy, and of the universe. This introductory astronomy presentation will include non-technical descriptions and explanations of the celestial phenomenon observed in accompanying images. In addition, Dr. Ridgill will discuss current space propulsion technology, including the necessity of, and theoretical limitations of, manned light-speed travel and its limitations relative to Einstein’s Theory of Relativity.

“From a very early age, I wanted to be an astronaut and had many interests in the areas of astronomy and science,” says Dr. Ridgill. “My interest in science, astronomy, and microscopy led me to major in microbiology at the University of Washington. The field of microbiology permitted me to work with powerful microscopes whose immense magnification power allowed me to look inwardly at bacteria, protozoa and cells. I also studied viruses with electron microscopes. The incredible magnification required for this study drew me to telescopes and astronomy since a telescope is simply a microscope pointed to the heavens. I am very eager to share my findings with students from HBCUs across the nation.”

Colleges to be visited will include Spelman College, Florida A&M, Clark Atlanta University, Hampton University, and Howard University in addition to other HBCU’s.

Dr. Edward Ridgill will also be visiting churches and community centers in New York City, Chicago, Detroit, Philadelphia, Washington DC, Atlanta, Birmingham, Nashville, Tallahassee, Dallas, Houston, New Orleans, Jackson, Los Angeles, San Diego, San Francisco and Seattle.

For more information about Dr. Ridgill and his visits to HBCUs, please visit www.gobluebook.com or @EdRidgill.

About Edward Alan Ridgill M.D.

Edward Alan Ridgill, M. D. Is a retired internal medicine practitioner from Los Angeles now living in Westlake Village, California. Having practiced medicine for 40 years, Dr. Ridgill now has the time and inclination to resume his exploration of the Universe and to share these findings with the world.

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