Domenicos Kosteris is Proud to Announce the Inception of Kosteris Real Estate


CHICAGO, ILLINIOS, UNITED STATES, March 25, 2021 / — Domenicos Kosteris has been working in real estate for decades. He is an expert, right down to the most nuanced details of the industry. His interviews on the subject have recently been featured on entrepreneurial websites such as Inspirery and Dotcom Magazine. This advanced knowledge and experience are what make Domenicos perfectly suited to be the CEO of Chicago’s Kosteris Real Estate.

Day to day operations under Kosteris Real Estate will include managing current rental properties as well as finding and flipping new properties to be rented out. Domenicos oversees all aspects of his properties care. He always makes himself available to his tenants in case of emergencies or in the case of a maintenance request. When repairs are needed, he uses qualified and certified technicians to carry out the work to ensure that a quality repair takes place. While he initially plans to maintain low overhead costs by keeping amounts of employees small, Domenicos has a list of preferred plumbers, electricians, painters, exterminators and lawn care providers to contract as needed. The exciting new launch of Kosteris Real Estate will also bring streamlined services to some qualifying renters, including access to a renter’s portal website where they can pay their rent, put in service requests, and see community news including events in the area and neighborhood alerts. Domenicos will continue to offer a finder’s fee to anyone who refers a new tenant when there is a vacancy.

Domenicos grew up on the Southeast side of Chicago in a modest blue-collar working class family. His father, who worked for a local steel mill, instilled a deep impression on young Domenicos of what a proper work ethic looks like. It is that same attitude of discipline and hard work that Domenicos still imitates to this day. Even as he has become prosperous, he has made sure to pass the lesson on to his own children. He has taught them that hard work, perseverance, and humility are all desirable qualities. He has taught them that entrepreneurial endeavors require ambition but that ambition does not require getting ahead at the cost of stepping on the back’s of others. As he was growing up, Domenicos saw many of the far-reaching effects of deindustrialization in the rust belt, including locally in Chicago. Domenicos understood how important diversification and technology would be to his future, and this made him highly value his education and motivated him to seek entrepreneurial pursuits.

Domenicos started investing in real estate in 1998, beginning with on the south side of Chicago. It was one of his friends that introduced him to investment properties as a revenue stream. His friend was a night watchman at the local high school. He guided Domenicos through buying his first house. Domenicos found the home buying process to be surprisingly simple. The friend said, “just imagine if you did this five or six times”! Domenicos realized the potential for earning substantial amounts of money in repeating the process, and decided to jump in. After a couple of years, he started to branch out in his investing into the Northwest Indiana and the south suburbs of Chicago. As he gets more familiar with the real estate world, Domenicos would soon start to enact a clever investment strategy method called BRRR. BRRR stands for Buy, Rehab, Rent, Refinance, Repeat. It is a strategy where the house is bought outright, and any necessary repairs are then carried out. When he first started using this method, Domenicos was using convenience checks from credit card companies when he bought the houses. At that time, they offered these checks at very low introductory rates, anticipating that they would increase the rate later. However, Domenicos would obtain these checks but pay them off before the rates could be raised, thereby avoiding excessive interest rates. Domenicos would rehab the house and find a renter. After he found a renter, he went to a bank and refinanced the house. In effect, the bank would be the one repaying the creditors who financed this transaction. Domenicos has been using this ingenious method of financing his real estate investments for years, and he still does so, but instead of using convenience checks, he now uses his retirement funds. In recent years, he has also bought houses by raising the required 20% and investing strictly in single-family homes because he finds it easier to manage them. He finds it easier to build meaningful relationships with the tenants of single-family dwellings, as the tenants of single-family dwellings also tend to stay much longer than tenants in multi-unit buildings.

Another aspect of the community that Domenicos is very involved in is related to his faith. Domenicos is a devoted Orthodox Christian and regularly worships with his family at their local church (with covid-19 precautions being taken when necessary). His faith has provided the foundation on which he has built his ethics and morals and it is what he relies on to guide him through life’s decisions. As a husband, he appreciates knowing that with God, his marriage is a threefold cord not quickly to be torn apart, and he strives to be the type of husband spoken of in the bible book of Ephesians. Domenicos is an avid history buff, including bible history, so he enjoys taking part in events put on by the church that revolve around delving more into biblical history. His family is also regularly involved in other activities and charity events their church sponsors.

One of Domenicos’ greatest moments in life was meeting Dr. Ben Carson. He met Dr. Carson at a congressional hearing where Dr. Carson had appeared before congress. Domenicos respects Dr. Carson because he considers Dr. Carson to be a good humble Christian man. Dr. Carson is a retired neurosurgeon, author, and politician who served as the 17th United States Secretary of Housing and Urban Development Under President Trump.

When he is not busy managing his many properties or looking for a new investment opportunity, Domenicos loves to spend time with his wife and two sons. He enjoys ethnic dining. His favorites include Ethiopian, Middle Eastern and Italian. He puts much effort into having both a well-maintained mind and body. As an avid mixed martial arts fan, Domenicos delved into studying and becoming disciplined in muay tai, a martial art and combat sport that uses stand-up striking along with various clinching techniques and takes a substantial measure of physical fitness and dedication.

No matter what activity he is involved in, Domenicos Kosteris makes sure that he bears full attention to this activity. He lives his life with integrity, with days full of hard work and dedication to his family, faith and community. He is excited for the opportunities that Kosteris Real Estate will bring both him and the community as he expands his diversity of available properties in the Chicago area. For more information, view Domenicos’ crunchbase profile or visit

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