Doctors, Engineers, Patient Advocates Launch Public Benefit Corporation; Develop Handheld Emergency Breathing Device


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Experts from around the world came together during Covid-19 pandemic

We came together with a commitment to help our nation and our world in the midst of the most challenging days of our time.”

— Christopher Jung, CEO, fluidIQ

LOS ANGELES, CA, USA, May 4, 2021 / — A team of emergency and respiratory doctors, patient advocates and engineers, who came together in the early days of the pandemic, announce today the launch of fluidIQ a public benefit corporation (PBC) domiciled in Delaware. The unique group of experts joined informally in March 2020, to develop simple-to-use emergency devices that require no electricity, harness the science of fluidics and solve some the world’s most pressing problems. In fact, the company’s name, fluidIQ, is based on the concept of “fluid intelligence” described as “taking separate areas of expertise and applying them to new problems.”

fluidIQ is developing technologies that use clever design to direct airflow using a science called “fluidics” to operate without electricity. Fluidics uses the flows and pressures of fluids or air to control operations normally performed by battery powered or electronic devices, without moving parts or electricity. fluidIQ’s first entrant will be in the medical space providing what they believe is the world’s smallest mechanical ventilation device, filling unmet clinical and safety needs in countries around the world.

fluidIQ’s proprietary platform is the basis for its roadmap of products dedicated to filling critical gaps in emergency and preparedness that are user-friendly, scalable and cost-effective while providing compact, lightweight and efficient tools for clinicians. The company’s first product offering, inVent™, is being planned for the medical device space and specifically for emergency respiratory care. This handheld resuscitation device was designed to be well-suited for use by EMS and first responders, providing breathing assistance to patients who are struggling to breathe or providing full breathing support for patients who are not breathing on their own when emergency help arrives.

inVent™, a device the size of a tube of lipstick, is also designed to meet demands for limited weight, space and ruggedness in stockpiling for disaster preparedness. The company is seeking FDA regulatory clearance for the device.

“We are honored to establish an innovative company with a higher mission. We came together with a commitment to help our nation and our world in the midst of the most challenging days of our time,” said Christopher Jung, Chief Executive Officer of fluidIQ. “Our multi-disciplinary team has the expertise to solve complex problems, a passion to make a positive impact on our world and a sense of urgency to bring hope to the human race.”

fluidIQ designed its handheld device to provide lung protective ventilation, adhering to mechanical ventilatory protocols established by National Institutes of Health’s National Heart, Lung, Blood Institute’s ARDS (Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome) Network.

“We are dedicated to providing much-needed tools to solve important medical challenges,” said Brian Froelke, MD, emergency medicine physician and Chief Medical Officer of fluidIQ. “The fluidics-based tools can be utilized in emergency medical and disaster response efforts including those in improvised and austere environments helping to fill gaps in care.”

About inVent™
fluidIQ’s first product is a lipstick-sized ventilation device intended for providing emergency breathing assistance to patients around the world. fluidIQ plans to improve the emergency ventilation space with this tiny tool that can automate what has long been a labor-intensive manual procedure that often requires more than one emergency responder. In an emergency, resuscitation or ventilation is provided to supplement the breathing of patients who need assistance getting enough air into their lungs or to provide full breathing support for patients who cannot breathe on their own. Emergency and disaster response members of the team worked with engineers to develop a product designed with the aim to be small and rugged enough to be deployed anytime and anywhere to help patients, even in resource replete and austere environments.

About fluidIQ™
fluidIQ, a public benefit and Delaware corporation, provides simple yet elegant solutions based on proprietary fluidics technology. The company was founded by a group of doctors, engineers and patient advocates who joined together to find solutions for gaps in medical needs, including ventilators, in the midst of the coronavirus-caused world crisis. fluidIQ aims to deliver hope to a world in need with simple, easy-to-deploy technology solutions that solve the most pressing medical challenges of our time. fluidIQ’s roadmap for an entire family of products is based on its proprietary platform of fluidics-operated devices dedicated to filling gaps in emergency and preparedness protocols that are user-friendly, scalable and cost-effective. Please visit to learn more.

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