Digital entrepreneurs offer knowledge swap with UK care leaders


Female founders of launch Swap You!, an offer to UK care leaders to take advantage of the pair’s 60 years’ business experience – for free.

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM, March 24, 2021 / — Today, co-founders and entrepreneurs Lesley Lindberg and Mindy Sawhney of launch Swap You!, an offer to UK care leaders to take advantage of the pair’s 60 years’ business experience – for free.

As Lindberg explains, ‘More than 8 in 10 care service leaders are women. Not only are they responsible for the delivery of outstanding care in demanding environments, they also have to make it work as a successful business. As female business leaders and advisors ourselves, we want to help these women make time to take a step back and really get some traction on topics that will help them be as successful as they deserve to be’.

Founders Lesley and Mindy created to radically improve the buying experience of these smaller care service businesses, many of whom struggle to get price visibility and the full assortment of products they need to run their care service. By creating the first online marketplace specialising in serving care businesses, is disrupting the staid world of wholesalers and making it fast and easy for care leaders to buy direct from specialist manufacturers and suppliers across the widest range of products and brands.

‘It has been difficult for everyone – but particularly those on the frontline of care – to have the energy or head space to look up from dealing with the practical challenges of dealing with Covid. Miracles are being performed daily! Now that there are grounds for some cautious optimism, people are starting to feel they can take a step back and re-group’ comments Sawhney.

The free advice sessions can cover any topic of business administration – costs, staffing, digital and innovation, marketing or team development. In return, care leaders are asked to complete a short, 4 minute survey on what parts of the product ordering process take the most time. ‘We’ll use the responses to this super-quick survey to further develop the experience customers have on We are on an absolute mission to make it as fast and easy to find, compare and price what you need for your care service – so you can instead spend time on things that matter most’ explains Lindberg.

Alongside the Swap You! initiative, has developed a series of Purple Notes – straightforward guides to share expert advice and peer to peer experience on those topics that leaders don’t face often – but where getting it wrong would be painful. Recent Purple Note guides include How to create a sensory room, Top Tips for staff mental health and coming next is a one service leader’s ‘warts and all’ guide too implementing a Digital Care Management System.

‘Whilst there is a great deal of information on care practice available to care leaders, those who run small businesses but are not part of a wider corporate structure can find it more difficult to access practical know-how on aspects that are vital to running their businesses successfully. That’s a gap we want to help full.” says Sawhney.

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