Demons from Anxiety. Tyler Okun Pours His Heart Out with Release of “Faded”


Tyler Okun releases “Faded”

Demons from anxiety…”Faded”

Tyler Okun releases new single “Faded”

Faded is a pop-punk song that makes you feel the nostalgia, like watching a classic 2000’s movie for the first time. This song was brilliantly executed and brutally honest.”

— Sean Leach

BUFFALO, NEW YORK, USA, May 4, 2021 / — Independent artist Tyler Okun continues to churn out his original music and his latest single “Faded” demonstrates human tragedy from the mental health issues that surround us everywhere.

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Produced by Matt “Malto” Loss, Tyler conveys his battles so that any listener can be put in his shoes.
Tyler explains, “I dropped out of college because of overwhelming anxiety. Now I had to figure out what to do with my life. Making and releasing music became the only way I was able to feel like myself again.”

Covid-19 affected us all. Everyone has found themselves more vulnerable to their own unique mental health struggles.

Tyler adds, “I couldn’t play gigs anymore, where I’d get to see the smiles on people’s faces. I couldn’t even be around friends and family. Covid was out there killing so many. This six-month period had my anxiety growing into something ugly.”
During this trying time, mental health needs to be prioritized so people can get help. But it also needs to be the right help.

“I was put on anxiety/depression medications that weren’t right for me. I felt manipulated into thinking they would make me feel better. Instead, I experienced panic attacks every night, never slept, gained 30 pounds, and never left my room. I only felt remotely like myself when I made music. I felt like my world was completely faded.”

Tyler continues, “All alone in my room, the only way I could process my emotions was through writing. I turned to Pop-Punk for inspiration, being the genre that I really grabbed onto as a kid when I struggled in situations like this.”

For Tyler, that was a turning point.

He continues on, “I realized Pop-Punk was the perfect backdrop for the world I was in. I wrote lyrics that felt pure and unabashedly me. Not censored, not pretending to be something I was not. I recorded the entire demo of ‘Faded’ that night. I brought this to my producer, and we put the final pieces together. I was so excited to know that I could make music like this that not only helped me through my battles, but also a song that I am proud of. I want anyone who is struggling as hard as I was to hear this and know that they are not alone and that they are powerful for enduring it.”

Reena Gerakios said, “Faded has got to be one of my favorite songs by Tyler! He sounds incredible, his lyrics are powerful, and the intro gives me early 2000’s Boys Like Girls vibes which I absolutely love. This one will be on repeat for months.”

View Tyler performing an acoustic rendition of “Faded” here

Tyler Okun is a young talented musical artist who continues to impact our lives through his music.

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