Cullman Mutual Capital Forecasts Japans Foreign Direct Investment To Increase In Australia


Cullman Mutual Capital, Japanese global asset management and institutional financial services provider has reinforced Japan’s commitment to FDI in Australia.

TOKYO, TOKYO, JAPAN, April 28, 2021 / — Finance executives at Tokyo-based asset management company Cullman Mutual Capital have reinforced their claim that the foundations of the Japan-Australia relationship are deep and enduring, positioning both sides well for a successful investment recovery – quicker than most countries.

“Japan remains one of the top three largest investors into Australia, with $A109 billion of direct investment,” said Thomas Spencer, Head of Global Asset Management at Cullman Mutual Capital.

The United States $A205 billion and the United Kingdom $A127 billion are the only other countries with higher values invested. Japan remained Australia’s second-largest two-way goods and services trading partner with around 10% of overall trade.

Japanese companies continue to be among the top taxpayers in Australia especially companies investing in iron ore. They account for half of the country’s top ten exporters of iron ore, coal, LNG, oil, wheat, woodchips, and salt and have long been regarded as Australia’s best corporate citizens.

“Japanese firms are becoming increasingly more sophisticated with their investment and post-merger integration strategies. Last year also saw longer-term geopolitical shifts begin to emerge. There has been an increased focus on climate change initiatives, trade disputations with China, Brexit, change in leadership in Japan and a new Biden administration in the US, all of which have raised concerns regarding the future of trade and investment policies.” said Anthony Porter, Head of Institutional Wealth at Cullman Mutual Capital.

These recent events have prompted Australians to reflect on the importance of having a trading partner in the region that shares Australia’s democratic and egalitarian principles, as well as its commitment to a global rules-based trading structure. Japan has proved a shining example of such a partner.

The importance of the Japan-Australia partnership is more profoundly understood and valued now than ever before, and the shared confidence in each other as economic and political partners and allies can well shape the foundation of new investments and trends as they start to navigate the post-COVID investment landscape.

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