Cryptocurrency Variety Show “Jumping & Dumping” Production Launched with Expectation of Great Synergy


“Jumping & Dumping” Script Reading Session / Picture by Gemstone Film

The world’s first informational cryptocurrency variety show “Jumping & Dumping” has officially launched.

SOUTH KOREA, April 15, 2021 / — “Jumping & Dumping” is comprised of entertainment and educational elements as it contains both drama and lecture portions. Part 1 of the show will display the “Era of Money” drama, while part 2 will feature cryptocurrency trading game called “Pumping Game”.

For part 1 of “Jumping & Dumping” (Era of Money), the script reading session has already embarked. The session included executive producer Lee Hong Seok and director Hong Jin Chul. The session also included actor Lim Ho, who played the principal character in the Hallyu drama “Dae Jang Geum”. Other actors involved are Kim Myung Soo, Park Yeon Soo, Kang Ye Bin and Yang Seung Won. All the participants gathered together in one place to prepare for the launching and success of “Jumping and Dumping”.

“Jumping & Dumping”, which is scheduled to be released in the early second half of the year, is a cryptocurrency-based variety show (combined with entertainment elements) that will highlight the history of traditional currency and the future of cryptocurrency (which is at its peak at the present time).

“Jumping & Dumping” will deliver essential information about cryptocurrency ecosystem in an entertaining manner by assimilating historical drama elements into the show. Also, the show will include engaging format of lecture and talk show, with specific focus on cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. Therefore, the audience will have an easier time in learning about cryptocurrency and not be overwhelmed.

By combining entertainment element into cryptocurrency, “Jumping & Dumping” is highly regarded as a must-watch program to understand and learn about cryptocurrency.

To prevent the spread of COVID-19, proper precautions (including sterilization) were undertaken for the script reading session.

Despite its difficult subject matter, the world’s first cryptocurrency based variety show “Jumping & Dumping” is anticipated to create an ideal synchronization between cryptocurrency and historical drama context. For that reason, there is a high level of interest in “Jumping & Dumping”.

The producer of “Jumping & Dumping”, Gemstone Film, stated, “amid the rise of interest in Bitcoin and cryptocurrency market in Korea and around the world, we believe it is the right time to deliver information about cryptocurrency in a show context. Through “Jumping & Dumping”, we hope to deliver cryptocurrency content in an entertaining yet professional manner so that the audience will become more well-informed about the subject.”

“Jumping & Dumping” will start shooting on the 19th of this month at Uijeongbu Art Library. With the goal to upstart another Hallyu wave, it is set to be released on OTT platforms around June.

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