Court Documents Show Gailen David Admits to Previous Lies


USA, April 30, 2021 / — Court documents uploaded and released by former television host Gailen David’s attorney on Monday, February 8, 2021, reveal admissions that David took actions against his former business partners and company that he previously denied.

During preliminary hearings held in August 2020 and a two part evidentiary hearing held in September 2020 in the Circuit Court of the Eleventh Judicial Circuit in and for Miami-Dade County, Florida, former production company co-owner and travel show co-host, Gailen David, denied owning the website “On The Move” and publishing the articles which appear on the site stating that he was merely “quoted” in news stories. Although the posts on the website are published with quotes from David in a news-like format, referring to him as a subject within the narrative, when asked through a series of interrogatories whether or not he owned the website he replied “admit” and when asked if he published the content on the website, he also replied “admit,” therefore affirming that he authored the posts referring to himself in third-person.

In subsequent questions David also admitted to contacting clients of his former production company, while also admitting he was no longer a partner or television host when doing so. David’s attorney later states that David admits to sending his former colleagues a message stating ““I expect to be unblocked by all of you today on cellular phone, Facebook Messenger. Otherwise, I’ll pass communications to you through your friends, family, business associates, etc…”” Those communications occurred along the same timeline in which he created Twitter accounts that sent numerous messages, a keystone focus of this case, to his former colleagues and their personal and business contacts on the platform. David admitted to creating each Twitter account in question and also admitted to authoring “all posted tweets” from each account.

Another revelation comes when David is asked about a bank transaction “alert” that he claims to have received. In a police report filed in Loudoun County, Virginia by David in April 2020 against one of his former colleagues he alleged he received “emails alerting me of suspicious activity (payments to persons I do not know).” However, during the evidentiary hearing in September 2020, David’s own attorney had the former colleague in question read a series of Facebook communications dated January 27, 2020 in which David asked the former co-worker about the transaction and specifically named the person to whom the transactions were made, and the former colleague then replied with an explanation of the transaction. In the new documents, Gailen David once again specifically names the person at the core of the bank transaction but says he cannot “admit or deny” that he alleged larceny and theft because “it is Mr. David’s belief that it was the police department that inserted “Larceny/Theft” and that ” the police department personnel took notes and input Mr.

David’s statements in a general form and not word-for-word.” However, the police report was filed online and contains a narrative written by Mr. David.
The litigation continues in the Circuit Court of the Eleventh Judicial Circuit in and for Miami-Dade and a temporary injunction remains in effect against David enjoining him from making, posting, publishing, or otherwise disseminating any defamatory or disparaging statements or communications relating to En Pointe Productions and its principle members until further Order of the Court. Further, he may not contact, in anyway, any of clients or business partners of En Pointe.

You may view the documents citied above by clicking here and here.

Local Case Number: 2020-016840-CA-01
Filing Date: 08/07/2020
State Case Number: 132020CA016840000001
Judicial Section: CA09
Consolidated Case No.: N/A Case
Type: Injunctive Relief

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