Country Singer-Songwriter Robert Romero Dedicates Song to Medical Professionals Thwarting COVID19 on Nurses Day


ALBUQUERQUE, NEW MEXICO, UNITED STATES, May 6, 2021 / — Albuquerque, New Mexico Singer-songwriter Robert Jude Romero dedicated his latest music release, “Earthbound Angels,” to essential front-line medical professionals helping their patients fight Covid19. He was inspired by his daughter and son-in-law, who work as nurses in San Antonio, Texas, and have witnessed first-hand the plight of Covid19 patients.

“Earthbound Angels” is a natural response to how medical professionals have endured an onslaught of patients stricken with the coronavirus and Covid19. Essential medical professionals, doctors, nurses, and first responders have sacrificed so much to ensure their patients’ safe recovery during the ongoing pandemic. His song clarifies the need for supporting medical workers on the frontlines. The song acknowledges them for all they have done for their communities in this country and worldwide. Essential frontline workers have to make sure they don’t take the stressors and negativity of the day back to their home, and this is not an easy task. Many nurses, his daughter included, have had the most challenging undertaking of informing individuals that their loved ones have passed. “Earthbound Angels” is written for the traditional Country genre. However, the appeal of this ballad is universal. The song acknowledges the hardships and tenacious perseverance of nurses, doctors, custodians, and others working in the medical setting during the Covid19 pandemic.

Robert believes in people and empathizes with the tragedies and triumphs nurses and doctors have witnessed during the pandemic. He understands how tirelessly they work and how tired they are after each grueling workday. Robert himself works at a hospital and understands first-hand what goes on in the high-stress medical setting that has undertaken an added layer of strife and stress.

Robert’s mission has positively impacted the medical community. He has received a lot of praise and positive feedback for the song. The overwhelmingly positive response has given Robert new appreciation.

In addition to penning “Earthbound Angels,” Robert will be taking action for a greater impact. Robert has partnered with nonprofit Heal As One. This organization is dedicated to combating Covid19 in underserved communities. Heal as One assists communities, particularly the African-American community, affected negatively by Covid19. The organization is building community awareness to slow the spread and provide treatment options to Covid19 patients. Heal As One started when the founder Paul J Laroche’s brother Dr. Vladimir Larouche became sick with Covid19. The results from his efforts to help his brother recover sparked a movement to assist others trying to heal from Covid19. Heal As One believes in saving lives, a swift recovery, education, destigmatization, and preventative approaches. Robert is proud to dedicate his time and efforts to promote Heal As One and raise awareness and funding to do their excellent work.

With the understanding of the unique challenges faced by both medical professionals and their patients suffering due to the coronavirus and Covid19, Robert doesn’t hesitate to bring attention to their situation and offer assistance. Creativity inspires and brings about hope. Adversity can build strength. Robert uses his great love for music and pairs this with advocacy for real-life heroes and heroines.

“There is currently a gap between today’s modern country music and traditional country. That space is being filled by some songwriters and artists, old and young – because it all comes back to the simplicity and honesty of ‘traditional’ country.”

There was a great George Strait/Alan Jackson song, “Murder on Music Row”. With all due respect to them and the writers (Cordle and Shell), it wasn’t so much a murder – it was a Self-Inflicted Wound! An inside job. But, I believe, slowly but most assuredly – real country music is coming back. Because It will always get down to ‘Three chords and the truth.’

“The past year has pretty much grounded most touring and gatherings from huge concerts to smaller venues and dive bars. But, it has also created the solitary creative environment where pain and suffering are reflected through music and the arts. Which led me personally to write Earthbound Angels. Also, an uptempo boot-scootin’ potential line-dance song: Drinkin’ Job, which I co-wrote with a great Nashville writer and friend, Marc Alan Barnette. It’s about working from home with very little in-person social contact.”

Robert Jude Romero is an inspiring traditional Country music singer-songwriter based in Albuquerque, New Mexico. He is a talented creative collaborator, hospital employee, and dedicated advocate for coronavirus and Covid19 patients and the medical professionals who work diligently to save lives. He takes a chivalrous approach to music and gains inspiration from the people in his life that he views as heroic. Robert’s extensive experience in the music industry has helped him create original music for years. His music has been a beacon of hope for many. Robert’s music inspires and motivates while being excellent to the ear. Followers of Robert Jude Romero’s music career will appreciate his music-making skills, community service, and advocacy.

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