Community Project We Pitch For Good Led By NJ Girl Launches On Mother’s Day


Logo Designed By Cookie Rookie with The Help of Parrish Walsh #cookierookie #fictionjewelry #wepitchforgood

Keychain Designed By Cookie Rookie with The Help of Parrish Walsh to Help Fund We Pitch For Good #cookierookie #fictionjewelry #wepitchforgood

A passion driven venture for girls to enjoy real work experience, learn passion, purpose, and play #girlsdesigntomorrow

We Help Awesome Companies Find Talented Professionals and Generate Proceeds to Make a Positive Impact #funforgood #hirethebest #gigsforkids

Authored By Parrish Walsh #fictionjewelry

Recruiting for Good is mentoring a girl athlete who is leading community projects. NJ Girl designed keychains to raise money to self-fund fun, giveback events.

Every Season is a Reason to Give Back…Join We Pitch for Good Today!”

— Carlos Cymerman, Fun Advocate+Founder, Recruiting for Good

SANTA MONICA, CA, UNITED STATES, May 5, 2021 / — Recruiting for Good (R4G) is a staffing agency helping companies find talented technology professionals and generating proceeds to make a positive impact.

Recruiting for Good Founder, Carlos, is mentoring a girl athlete (Cookie Rookie) to lead We Pitch For Good, fun fulfilling, give-back events for girls to participate in the community.

Cookie Rookie (her nickname) is an athlete in middle school who is participating in Girls Design Tomorrow, ventures led by girls. Cookie Rookie got to collaborate with Parrish Walsh (Fiction Jewelry) to design an inspiring softball keychain to fund the We Pitch For Good give back events/parties in the community.

Cookie Rookie also designed her own logo (with Parrish Walsh), and collaborated with Jersey Cookie Girl for a give back event for Mother’s Day.

According to Recruiting for Good Founder, Carlos Cymerman, “I sponsored the first 100 keychains, so that there would be no cost to create and every sale will directly fund We Pitch For Good give back events.”

How Companies and Individuals Can Support ‘We Pitch For Good’ Venture?

Buy 100 or more keychains; give them away to any teams in the US (inspire positive messaging campaign).

Carlos Cymerman adds, “I am really excited… Cookie Rookie has something special planned for awesome sports moms on Mother’s Day.”


We Pitch For Good is a girl-led venture with a sweet purpose to create fun fulfilling, give-back events and parties in NJ. Girls in the community are invited to pitch in and volunteer in the fun. The venture is self-funded through the sale of keychains designed by Cookie Rookie (with Parrish Walsh, Fiction Jewelry Founder.) Recruiting for Good Founder, Carlos, mentors Cookie Rookie. To Learn More Visit

Since 1998, Recruiting for Good has been a purpose driven staffing company. Companies retain our recruiting agency to find talented and value driven professionals who love to use their talent for good in Engineering, and Information Technology. We’re generating proceeds to make a positive impact.

Parrish Walsh shares, “Celebrating writing through jewelry design and mentoring girls are both passions of mine. Working with the girls to offer them the opportunity to write and design in a real world setting is an unbelievable opportunity. Through the programs sponsored by Recruiting for Good, I am able to help girls’ dreams come true.”

1 More Reason to Love Jersey Cookie Girl….My name is Nicole Borota; previously I was an architectural designer who now expresses herself through the edible art of “cookies.” I personalize the cookie making experience and love collaborating; I co-create cookies from a person’s thoughts and words. The sweet results are very exhilarating and fulfilling.

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