Clean Slate Milwaukee helps non-violent offenders get 2nd chance through criminal record expungement


Organization’s work ensures individuals get their constitutional rights back

USA, May 8, 2021 / — In mid-2020, it was reported that 1.8 million people are housed in federal prisons, state prisons, and local jails across the United States. The number of incarcerated persons in the country is more than the total populations of 13 different American states. Many of the people within the prison and jail systems are classed as non-violent offenders. Non-violent crimes are characterized as property, drug, and public order offenses that do not impose harm or an attack upon a victim. Unfortunately, many of the people found guilty of non-violent crimes are painted with the same broad-brush strokes as violent offenders.

Clean Slate Milwaukee is one organization working with non-violent offenders to put their lives back in order. The organization helps non-violent offenders get a second chance through criminal record expungement. By having their criminal records expunged, Clean Slate Milwaukee’s clients get their constitutional rights back, which were stripped away by conviction.

Due to a criminal record, non-violent offenders contribute to homelessness, joblessness, and unlawful behavior. Unable to find work, go to college, or obtain a place to live, many non-violent offenders are forced to survive by any means necessary. Clean Slate Milwaukee ensures these individuals get a second chance at life and become productive members of American society.

Clean Slate Milwaukee is a supporter of legislation AB 69, a bill that would give hundreds of thousands of non-violent offenders the ability to have their records expunged. The bill, if passed into law, would create a paradigm shift in America’s workforce development, college admissions, homelessness, recidivism, and neighborhood violence. However, for the last decade, the bill has been shot down by the Republican caucus, preventing it from being passed into law and changing the lives of so many people. Expungement doesn’t just change the lives of a non-violent offender, but their families’ lives too.

Since 2012, Clean Slate Milwaukee has worked with clients to expunge over 2,200 records. It has helped over 1,189 former felons find work and assisted over 250 people get back into education to pursue a productive future. Clean Slate Milwaukee removes the barriers to success. It puts individuals, families, and communities on the path to a productive future.

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