Chocolate-of-the-month subscription featuring American small-batch craft makers, perfect for every gift-giving occasion


Introducing Cococlectic, a women-owned and minority diverse-owned business that focuses on featuring American small-batch craft chocolate makers every month.

Cococlectic, the only chocolate subscription box that features all American chocolate makers, featuring new American small-batch makers like Black Sheep Chocolate from Bend OR, ChocolateSpiel from Seattle, WA, Animas Chocolate from Durango, CO and Sweet Minou Chocolate from Lincoln, NE. Cococlectic is great for chocolate lovers, health conscious folks and corporate gifting with quality chocolate bars that are all vegan, non-GMO, fair-trade, ethically sourced, and do not contain any soy, gluten, dairy or nut, but they may be produced in a facility that handles these ingredients.

“There are so many amazing craft chocolate makers in our backyard, diverse makers and people of color,” says Doreen Leong, founder of Cococlectic, a women-owned and minority diverse-owned business.“We can’t afford not to put the spotlight on them. Many of them have won awards for their meticulous craft. So why not focus on them? The craft chocolate industry in the US has grown exponentially since we launched in 2014.”

Due to COVID-19, like many other small-businesses, Cococlectic had to pivot. Leong introduced a monthly virtual chocolate tasting using Zoom to connect chocolate makers with their customers at no additional cost. This platform allows customers to connect and learn from the chocolate makers while chocolate makers have another platform to share their stories. By adding this new feature, Cococlectic is building an educated community of craft chocolate enthusiasts. By supporting craft chocolate makers, Cococlectic is also supporting the cacao supply chain, right down to the farmers in various cacao-growing regions, who have also been gravely hit by this pandemic.

Cococlectic also introduced virtual chocolate tastings for businesses using the Zoom platform to replace the in-person tasting they would normally host. Cococlectic felt that the chocolate session could bring everyone together virtually, with as many as 450 people joining to discover and enjoy chocolate. “This was a great success because virtual happy hours were getting old and not everyone drinks,” Leong says. “With chocolate, it is educational, interactive and inclusive. Everyone is shipped a chocolate box prior to the tasting. Everyone loves getting something in the mail. Who doesn’t love receiving chocolate in the mail?”

“As a small-business owner, Cococlectic connects you with like-minded people interested in craft chocolate,” says owner of El Buen Cacao, Jessica Ramirez. “ Listening to the amazing feedback that we got from Cococlectic customers was a learning experience that set our standards even higher. As a Latina woman, I really love the openness and care that Cococlectic exudes as a business.”

About Cococlectic
Founded in 2014, Cococlectic is a chocolate-of-the-month subscription club. Cococlectic’s mission is to melt the gap between chocolate makers and chocolate enthusiasts. Cococlectic constantly strives to build an educated community that supports the craft and speaks the same language of love – especially the bean-to-bar kind. Adds Leong: “We want to grow a chocolate-loving community. These American craft chocolate makers have such an amazing passion for what they do and we want to showcase their craft and expertise to everyone.”

Each month we feature a different American small-batch bean-to-bar chocolate maker making chocolate in the US. These chocolate makers passionately make chocolate bars from scratch using less than 5 ingredients which include cacao beans, sugar and cocoa butter. The chocolates we feature are vegan, non-GMO, fair-trade and ethically sourced. They also do not contain any soy, gluten, dairy or nut, but they may be produced in a facility that handles these ingredients.

Subscription levels start at $42.99 per month and customers have the option of paying monthly, every 3 months or every 6 months. One-time (dark bars only or mixed bars) gift boxes or corporate gift boxes are also available. Each chocolate box comes with 4 full-size dark chocolate bars that are made in the US.

Cococlectic is also the winner in the 2020 USA TODAY 10Best Readers’ Choice travel award contest for Best Food Subscription Box. The nomination was carefully made by an expert panel including a combination of editors from USA TODAY, and the public voted for this honor. You can read more about it here.

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