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CEO & Founder Natalie Grossbard

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In a world full of diversity, there’s no better time to start learning a language than right now.”

— Natalie Grossbard

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, May 8, 2021 / — On March 15, 2021, The English Portal was officially launched. As they gear up to welcome English learners from across the globe, founder Natalie Grossbard, hailing from Northern England starts production on a new English program that will give learners the freedom to learn all levels of English at their own pace. The program will consist of five levels with further sub levels that will accommodate learners from Beginner to Advance. The program is set to launch July 1st of this year.

Learners will be able to go to The English Portal website and click the “portal members” option to sign up for access to the program. Learners will only have to pay a one-time fee of $150 for a lifetime access to all the programs or purchase them individually for $34.99 each. There will be a separate program for young learners as well as free bonus content.

About the CEO & Founder

Ever since being a teenager, Natalie Grossbard, has been passionate about education. At the age of 16, she completed a work experience placement at her local primary school which solidified her decision to be a teacher. After working hard during her college years, she earned the grades she needed to secure a place on a primary education degree at York St. John University. Being a primary teacher can often mean the plate is almost always full and you could do with an extra pair of hands…or six. On arrival to the school, the class teacher she was working with was no exception. The summer term had just started and four Polish children had recently joined the class. Natalie was asked to teach the children to speak English. At a spritely 20 years old and only two years into her training, she was initially fazed by the request. However, never one to shy away from a challenge, she went home and immediately started working on teaching material to help her.

Natalie spent hours searching for translations to key vocabulary that the students might need, such as classroom objects, teacher commands, numbers 1-20, colors and clothing. At the beginning of the two-week placement, one of the students only knew a handful of words in English, but by the end he was able to recall everything Natalie had taught him. It was this rewarding experience that cemented her decision to teach nonnative speakers of English rather than native primary school children.

After completing her English language and linguistics degree in 2010, Natalie went on to study a CELTA (certificate in English language teaching to adults) in Valencia, Spain. Her first teaching job was at LTC in Eastbourne, England. As a bright eyed, newly qualified teacher, Natalie arrived full of enthusiasm for her new role. During her time at LTC, she was fortunate enough to teach students from all over the world including Colombia, China, Thailand, France, Belgium, Austria, Spain, Slovenia, Russia and more.

Teaching such a variety of students enabled her to gain a greater insight into EFL teaching. You see, not all English language learners are alike, there is a wide range of cultural diversity that should be taken into consideration when teaching. Working with students from different cultures Natalie was able to design appropriate lessons and connect with those in her classes. Her time at LTC was invaluable and she was able to develop her teaching skills fully. Without the support and nurture of the staff at LTC, Natalie wouldn’t be the teacher she is today.

Plans for The English Portal

As a teacher and language learner herself, Natalie believes that quality learning material should be accessible to everyone, anytime and anywhere. After release of the programs, Natalie plans to launch an app on IOS and Android devices making her program into a portable learning software. Visit for all the latest news and updates.

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