Caroline Sturken – Why Should Philanthropy & Leadership Go Hand- In- Hand In Organizations


If you want to become a charismatic and inspirational leader to your team, you can embrace philanthropy and watch the positive difference you can make to all around you. Organizations and other charities are now teaming philanthropy and leadership together to create outstanding results for everyone’s overall well-being.

Caroline Sturken – Random acts of kindness for a leader

Caroline Sturken is a motivated undergraduate student of law, philosophy, and politics. She is an active member of the Phi Sigma Sigma sisterhood and firmly believes in the same charitable vision as the sorority. It focuses on different methods of philanthropy, specifically at the school and the college levels.

She says that philanthropy on social injustice places focuses on the key origins of racial, social, economic, and environmental injustices in the world. There should be a smooth transition from charity to free justice, especially in the major traits of all philanthropic strategies.

She has accomplished honor roll, high honor roll, and dean’s list in every one of her semesters in high school as well as college. She aims to bring in personal development and positive change with her active involvement in the sorority’s charitable endeavors.

She says that the development of leadership is mostly overlooked in philanthropic activities. Leadership is an important component in philanthropy that stimulates both success and growth in organizations.

Any task that is aimed to trigger social justice and hinder structural obstacles in its path for sustainable change should be driven by the development of leadership supported by philanthropic efforts.

Funding for campaigns

One of the most effective ways philanthropy can boost leadership development is by increasing funds for the campaign. However, at the same time, you should note that funds are not the most important component in a campaign, it is one of the main catalysts that can bring in the desired transformation to those concerned.

How does it help in program strategies?

Philanthropic companies often have detailed program strategies laid out for their staff. They believe that leadership qualities should be placed in the forefront over just being thought out later. When it comes to leadership, communication is vital as it creates a high level of transparency among the team. The cause is on the same page, and differences can be sorted out faster when there is open and free-flowing communication. Transparency among those involved with the philanthropic programs goes the extra mile to attain the desired goals.

Leaders in these companies are instructed to incorporate leadership development with a blueprint for the grant completely. All groups involved in the philanthropic efforts should fully support this cause after considering how the dynamics of gender, race, power, and identity create an impact on the complete experience of leadership.

According to Caroline Sturken the Phi Sigma Sigma ensures that all its programs are crafted in such a way to stimulate growth and personal development. This is why it focuses on leadership development like workshops, training, and support that enhance the talents and the skills of every community on the campus and their chapters with success!