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HAPPY DNA DAY from the Carl Kruse Blog

Happy DNA Day 2021

A celebration of the discovery of DNA’s structure and the benefits it has brought for humanity.

MIAMI, FL, USA, April 25, 2021 / — Every April 25 a group of us nerdy souls gather to celebrate that day in 1953 when Crick, Watson, and Wilkins published their findings on the structure of DNA and to the tremendous benefits this knowledge has wrought for humanity. Happy DNA Day! This year the Carl Kruse Nonprofits Blog joins in the national celebration once again, after covering the event the last two years (DNA Day 2020 and DNA Day 2019).

A map and list of events related to this year’s DNA Day celebrations can be found by visiting the National Human Genome Research Institute’s page at

Essential to the ultimate discovery of DNA’s double helix structure was the pioneering research in X-ray crystallography of Rosalind Franklin, who received almost no credit back then. Franklin went on to do essential work on the structure of viruses at Birbeck. Crick and Watson received the Nobel Prize in 1962, the Birbeck group in 1982, both awards made possible by Rosalind Franklin’s work. Franklin died of ovarian cancer in 1958 and because Nobel Prizes are not awarded posthumously, she received nothing.

Today Franklin is rightfully regarded as a giant of 20th century molecular biology and we take a moment to especially praise her on DNA Day 2021.

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